Tiredness :(

I’ve been type one now for longer than I want to keep track of and my bs is under control, at least I think it’s good with my last a1c at 7.1, but I get tired often and/or easily. Does anyone else with type one find themselves getting worn down easily?? I can get 8-9 hours of really good restful sleep every night and still after a day of work I’m tired by 2 or 3pm. Having a low blood sugar really wears on me especially if I wake up low in the morning (and by low I’m talking 60-70). I also own my own business and work a lot of hours and I’m constantly moving when I’m there. I’m not sure if I’m tired from stress or diabetes. Can anyone relate?? Thanks!!

Wow that is great that you are getting 8-9 hours of sleep certainly beats too little. I also feel constantly exhausted ever since developping diabetes 12 years ago. I can sympathise but cannot offer any technical suggestions as I am at a loss of what to do. Stress is for sure a problem. Do something that relaxes you if possible. If you are on the move during working hours exercise does not seem to be a problem.

my best friend has also been type 1 for over 17 years, like me, and she’s always having to take naps or will just totally crash sometimes. i’ve been trying to research fatigue with type 1 diabetes for the last few months now on the internet and i can’t find anything. they only thing that i can find is them suggesting that i’m having a high blood sugar when i know that’s not it. if i was constantly high then my a1c wouldn’t be what it is. it’s frustrating when people don’t understand where your tiredness is coming from

When my blds were out of control I was constantly tired, now though I get about 8 straight hours sleep,(bad control =bathroom during the night ), wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, no tiredness now whatsoever.
It’s great.

I have had T1 since '74 and yes, I always feel tired. I think a part of it is that my job is boring, part of it is that I am overweight, and part of it is that I am middle-aged. I take meds for sleep so it seems that I am sleeping well every night, but, they also have a carry over effect and it’s very hard to wake u in the morning…sigh.

I second Dave on getting your thyroid checked.

Wow, you’re a pastry chef! That’s a lot standing & running around constantly. That in itself is tiring.

Third the suggestion on getting your thyroid levels tested. Many diabetics have thyroid problems. I’m one. For years, I’ve been borderline low & doctors wouldn’t put me on thyroid supplementation. I didn’t have the usual associated symtoms of weight gain or dry skin, but temp is always low. Harder to control BG when thyroid is out of whack.

Highs make me feel exhausted. An A1c of 7.1 is an average BG of 157, so your highs may be contributing to your tiredness.

I know for me, I am in menopause and I am tired. (well, perimenopause)

i had my thyroids checked when i was in my teens, i’m now 26. at that time the tests came back perfect. i have not said anything to my dr cause i have symptoms of having a thyroid issue. my weight is the same every time i go to the dr’s, my skin is normal and my temp is always normal. i’ve also had my iron checked about a year ago when i donated blood and it was perfect too. i’m definately not menopausal yet haha. i get to the gym 3 times a week with an average of 6 hours of exercise a week. i get 8 hrs of sleep and do not wake up high thru the night to cause me to not sleep well.
i guess what i’m wondering is doesn’t this disease just wear on anyone sometimes?? i mean the constant thinking about what to do when you eat, when you exercise, when you work, when you want to have fun…constantly thinking. i think an a1c of 7.1 is pretty good for someone who does not have the same schedule everyday and who is not on a pump. i can be perfect all day and still get tired easily.

yes diabetes makes you tired…you sound very busy too, i’m sure that makes you tired. I have had it for 16 years/type 1 and i am tired!!! when i was younger with 2 kids and taking care of my mother as well and everthing else i was tired…now i am really tired! all my labs are great too, and i just think it is the diabetes and aging,etc.

Thyroid levels can change, so maybe worth checking again. Test body temp first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed. Don’t even go to the bathroom. Not everyone has symptoms or all symptoms.

So hard to keep things level with a constantly changing schedule. An average BG of 157 is still pretty high & this means, of course, that sometimes you’re higher than 157. Nothing makes me feel more tired than when I’m high.

Definitely, wears on me 99% of the time! The constant thinking about it, dealing with it, is utterly exhausting. Burns you out for sure!

Hey Amanda, I’ve had diabetes as long as you have, and I’ve had my share of fatigue as well, both mental and physical. I think it was mostly due to swings in my sugars post meal.

Let me ask you, what are your eating habits? More carbs or more proteins? Several small meals a day, or the traditional three big meals? Do you sample a lot of your pastry work?..(I know I would) Do you take any caffeine?

Also, what are you doing in the gym? Any resistance training or is it mostly steady aerobic work on the treadmill?

I’ve beaten a lot of the fatigue I used to get, but it requires daily exercise for me, sometimes 2 - 3 times a day. I know it’s not realistic for some, but it’s what I need to do to stay energetic. If I skip a day, like on the weekend, the blood sugar suffers…there is no carry over benefit from yesterday’s exercise. I’ve also changed my diet to more protein based, but I’m still a caffeine addict and I still get a lot of inexplicable high blood sugars.

But the energy is there and it’s priceless. I hope you find yours soon :slight_smile:

Well, when your glucose is high your cells are starved for fuel and thus your tired. When your glucose is low, your cells are also starved and your body releases hormones, i(e: adrenalin,cathecholomines etc_) to raise your sugar and this can produce a lag effect and your almost hung over and tired for hours after!!! The joys of a type 1!!!

Amanda, i’m currently in culinary school, so i think i can relate pretty well to your situation. if you ask me, it’s both stress and morning lows (and any lows in general). morning lows are the worst for me. it feels like it takes most of the day to completely bounce back. even if it’s any easy day for me i feel like a zombie when i wake up low. stress makes it tough too. when you are running arund all day hauling out heavy product you just want to drop your stuff on the floor and fall asleep on it when you get home. get hit with a hard day of both and you’re done. and if you’re like me, your schedule dictates when you can eat, which turns out to be a lot less often than you had hoped. hang in there and try to relax when ever you can. :slight_smile:

Yes Amanda - Dave gives good advise here. I know I feel tired more now (I think I could sleep 10 hours if I could - but only get about 8 which is good in most folks eyes). I thought it was the aging process - but I am not as active as I used to be when I worked in a daycare along with running a homecare business (only have a few clients in that now - it’s good exercise - but not enough). I’m now working from home - and sitting on my behind alot - so this isn’t really the best thing for me I think. BTW, I also get tested for my thyroid every year - since my Mum had hers removed - and it’s all part of the endocrine system that makes our lives one heck of a roller coaster ride!!

Dino…i tend to always eat breakfast, dinner and a light snack before bed. lunch for me is sporatic and differs time everyday because that is when i’m working. i tend to eat more carbs and veggies because proteins KILL my blood sugars. my body takes a long time to process proteins it seems. if i eat more than one true serving of protein at dinner i will be sky high in the morning when i wake up, every single time. i don’t think what i’m eating is making me sluggish but i have thought about what i’m drinking may. i do drink a lot of caffeine and diet sodas with sugar subs in which i know are medically proven to make you sluggish. i’ve tried to do all water all day and it does make me feel a little better. i do all kinds of things at the gym, treadmill (walk briskly and run), bike, basketball and swimming (at least once a week). i go 2-3 times a week and try to do something different each time.
Bek…FINALLY…someone who explains how i feel to a tee some days!! i don’t know how many times i’ve told my business partner at the end of the day that i could drop everything and sleep right there on the floor. my schedule does dictate when i eat between breakfast and dinner, your’s i’m sure will be between dinner and bed. it’s hard. you feel low when your busy, i drink 1 serving of regular soda, we continue to be busy, 45 minutes later i’m drinking more reg soda, still busy, feel low, drink more…it’s a visious cycle until we are slow enough to get a small snack to hold me for more than 45 minutes. i can’t cut back my lantus because then i’m high after dinner, while i’m sleeping then in the morning. i agree with you, it’s rough on these days and it truely beats you up. i don’t eat before we are busy because i’d rather be a steady 80-100 than a steady 200-240. but then as you know or may find out soon about the food industry is that it is sooo unpredictable. grrr. which is another reason i don’t eat before hand, because we may not be that busy.

B vitamins help! And drink plenty of water. Helps me.