I need to vent. I don’t care if I’m just venting it to the empty internet, I am beyond frustrated.

I didn;t control my diabetes fr months. I ignored it, pretended it wasn;t there. Stuck the jab in, shot some insulin in and that was it. Needless to say I was very sick. But NOW when I am making gargantuan efforts to be healthy, I find my levels screaming up high and then dropping low. My insulin sometimes takes forever to work. I run up and down the stairs countless times, exhausted because my body doesn;t have the energy but it’s better than just falling asleep. Trying to lose weight, going hypo and having to eat anyway. Not knowing what I’m supposed to do?!

STUPID nurses telling me I’m testing too much. They don;t understand! The frenzy you get in when your levels just WON’T GO DOWN.

Why me? Why not me.

So many people have worse things. But this disease is pretty bad as far as they go. It controls so much if you let it. Your energy your learning, your weight, your mood. I’m just so lucky I have wonderful supportive parents and a lovely boyfriend. Without them, I don’t know how I’d go on.

My last host family, were feeding me CAREMELISED carrots at dinner. WHAT?! What’s worse the mother was a nurse. Don’t these people knwo better?!

Is it just the rule that non diabetics are so blind to how hard this is? Even the doctors seem too hard and calous toards me sometimes.

I don’t know I really don’t. We just keep going I guess. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

Peace and Love x

Well I feel your pain. I know we all do. There is just no rhyme or reason to any of it and I think that is the part I have trouble dealing with. Not the fact that I actually have the disease, but that it feels impossible to control all of the freaking variables that go into it. So don’t feel like you are the only one, it makes me feel a little better to know others understand what it is like. And the ones that don’t really do make me want to scream or find a way for them personally experience it so they will shut up. Like you said, we just keep going… just sigh and move onto the next day. I look for inspiration constantly. That is why I like this site :wink:

Good luck, xoxo

59 years old and type1 diabetic for 20. Was taking injections and carb counting. Been on pump for two months now. Not all doctors are the same. Most don’t fully understand the complexity of diabetes. They know the basic. I don’t know your situation in the UK. Please try to find a Dr. that specialize in diabetic or a find a diabetic clinic. They will tend to your specific needs. We are all different as diabetic but similar. Think of glasses to correct our vision. We all wear glasses but need individual prescriptions. It really helped me to get into a routine. When you are under better control, you will feel better and be more encouraged and enthusiastic about life. I know this is hard but it is harder being out of control. Been there. Please hang in there and you have lots of friends here at TuDiabetes.

I soooooooooooooooooooo feel your pain and vent away. With diabetes every day is different and it is not an exact science. I hate to log, but I have been doing it lately as I have been struggling with crazy numbers.

What type of insulins do you use?