A little rant (Bad day) LOL

For starters I will say that being a Diabetic type 2 is a very difficult thing. It is sad and hurtful when people really think it is because you eat the wrong things or too much of the wrong things and really they don't know a hill of beans about you at all.

Yea, I'm a big guy and all but what they don't know is how big my bone structure really is. And after years of arguing with Doctors finally someone has noticed that it is NOT my eating habits. When my stress level gets to high so does my sugar level. (yes, I have tested this theory)

Over these last few years have been the most difficult with my life and situations that I have been and still go through. I am doing everything I can to keep my sugar under control. I take my meds (when I can get them) That is tough when you have no job and no insurance. (and what insurance will take you with a preexisting condition).

Well enough of my ranting today. LOL

I feel for you. It is bad enough when the people you meet don't understand, but when you see a doctor and all he says is that you are fat and you wouldn't have diabetes if you just ate right. That steams me.

I try very hard to ignore the spiteful comments and just do my best to deal with each day as it comes. I lived with a very toxic man for many years and I believe it was the stress that caused diabetes, not the food I ate. So I totally understand your feelings. Keep going, you are worth it.