Few who understand

I have very few people in my life who know what it is to live with T1Diabetes so I don't mean for this blog to become a place for me to complain but sometimes, most of the time this disease just sucks and you have to let it out. My mom is a nurse so she tries to understand having seen so many with diabetes in her life, however, still really hard for her to understand what I go through.

My complaint for today: Last night my site broke on my insulin pump and I didn't realize it until I was going to bed and my blood sugar was well into the 400's.... I changed it and fixed the high. When things like that happen at night super highs or super lows I just feel like almost hung over the next day. I know I didn't drink a bottle of vodka last night so why do I have to feel like it!

This morning is going to suck, hoping it doesn't happen again tomorrow before taking a day trip to Iowa City for a a work conference.

hang in there Kate, dealing with stubborn highs today myself. drink lots of water today, if you can, and watch for the roller coaster to go down. hope you feel better soon.

totally get u there. it's hard to make ppl understand how bad u feel but they "know".....ugh no they don't!!! I just gave up trying to explain I know it's hard to do but the "normal ppl" don't get it sad to say

know how u feel. I came to the conclusion "normal ppl" don't get it no matter how hard they try. i'm sorry I know where ur at

Does anyone here have diabetic neuropathy and if so what can be done for a severe case of it. My fiance has a severe case of it and it keeps him up sometimes 2-3 days in a row before he can even get it calmed down enough to go to sleep. If he is lucky he might get a break from it for a day or two. He is on Lyrica and Gabapentin and a pain cream along with pain pills and muscle relaxers, restless leg meds and we have tried massage, hot packs, ice and exercise and nothing helps. Is there a surgery that can relieve the neuropathy in his feet? Any help is much appreciated and Thanks to all who might be able to help with any ideas. Andrea

My wife had that happen a couple of weeks ago. Changed her pump site, and wasn't aware that the needle had bent. By the time she realized what had happened she was over 400. It doesn't happen to her that often, but it is NOT GOOD- and I only see this second hand.