Drawing Diabetes: Children Contest

As Mothers’ Day approaches we thought it would be a fun idea to invite all the children of our community to our own very special Art Contest.

The contest is open to kids 13 years of age and under and entry is free. We will have weekly prizes targeted to kids (yet to be decided) and the winning pieces will be published on our home page every week.

If you are a kid, we hope you’ll gather some basic art supplies and some 8.5x11 paper (but you can also do this on a computer art program or website) and draw or paint something that illustrates or tells the story of how diabetes has affected an aspect of your daily life or how do you think it is different from the life of other kids.

If you are a parent of a kid that either has diabetes or that has a loved one with it, please encourage them to enrich us all with their creative visions on how his or her world has been touched by diabetes.

Possible themes:
-Your relationship with your parents or caregivers.
-Your interaction with friends or other kids.
-Your daily schedule.
-For older kids, your sense of responsibility.
-Any other aspect of your life with diabetes you may want to share with us.

In order to participate you need to submit:

  1. Your Artwork
  2. Your Name and artwork title.
  3. What type of diabetes you have? Type I, Type II or Type III (a loved one has diabetes)
  4. Brief description of your masterpiece (optional).

Submission for this month’s contest will be closed the last day of May at midnight, but you are welcome to upload your picture anytime after that.

In case it is more convenient for you, if you do not have a digital camera, a scanner or the software in your computer to let you turn in a digital painting, feel free to mail your painting with the above information to:

Diabetes Hands Foundation
P.O. Box 61074
Palo Alto, CA 94306

This is a painting Santiago did not too long ago, showing his daddy with his insulin pump:

This is SUPER!!! We are very happy you guys opened the contest. :smiley:

WE are working diligently on the prizes!

This may come in handy: you can either upload files along with your post here or you can also publish the image as part of the body of the post, by following these two steps:

Art work by Grayson Wilcox (age 7) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes May 21, 2004.
He called this “My Diabetes Stuff” - includes all the things we need to manage his diabetes

WOA. That was super-quick! Glad that the tip was useful.

Give Grayson a BIG hug from us!!!

We are going to be selecting weekly winners. Don’t forget to submit your drawing! :slight_smile:

We should be able to list the prizes tomorrow or Saturday, tops.

This week’s winner is Grayson Wilcox (age 7) for his piece “My Diabetes Stuff.” Congratulations, Grayson!!!

The prize for the winner (this will be the prize every week) will be a kit consisting of:
-A TuDiabetes stuffed animal;
-Coloring crayons;
-A winner certificate; and
-A chance to win a Pump Pak, courtesy of Pump Wear Inc. (owned and operated by Julie, one of our members).

You can choose among the stuffed animals below. Please send me an email at info AT tudiabetes DOT org with your choice and your mailing address.

(just in case, the animals are: a monkey, a doggie, a bear, a frog and a cow)

Congrats again!

This picture is by Naomi (age 5), who’s 2 year old brother has Type 1 diabetes. Naomi called her picture “Diabetes”. Her description is “This picture has food on it and my little brother. There is a pump on him. We just got it.”

This is REALLY powerful! Thanks for posting this great painting.

Awww so cute!! What a great way for the kids to be able to express their feelings ~ that’s so important. It would be neat if after the contest all the winning entries…or even possibily all entries could be compiled into a poster.

Keep up the great work!

That is an EXCELLENT idea! We will work to make this happen.

As long as we get enough entries, this should not be difficult to do!

Hi,my name is Emily Rivera, I’m 6 years old and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January 18, 2007
The name of my artwork is “Me and my favorite nurse”. She is a very important part on my daily life besides my mom since she is the one who checks my sugar levels in school every day and put my insulin whenever it’s necesary. I love my nurse Resa!!!
8608-DiabetesDrawing.jpg (53.8 KB)

School Nurses are indeed a very important part of treatment in children with diabetes. I am happy to see that you drew her. Your drawing is excellent!!

My name is Gwen and I’m seven years old. I have a sister. Her name is Olivia. She has diabetes and she is three years old. My picture’s title is “Diabetes” and these are Olivia’s things that keep her healthy. Her insulin shots, her sugar meter, and her finger pricker.

Gwen: your drawing is beautiful!! One can tell how much you love your little sister.

BTW, those hands you drew are incredibly cool!

What a great drawing! Very good job, thanks for participating!

This is called “Juicebox Low” by Charlie Potash, age 6, type 1.

That is AWESOME! What would we do without juiceboxes!!!

Thanks so much for submitting this entry.