I seem to have a sugar jump after I drink a cup or two of coffee. Does anyone else have this problem, and how do you compensate for it? I don’t want to give myself a set amount with talking to my doctor or seeing opinions of others. Some people aren’t affected by this and some are. I don’t drink decaf. I drink regular coffee. Opinions?

How much does it raise your number?

Yikes! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do you use sugar or milk with your coffee? I use milk and bolus for 5 grams of carbs for the milk in my coffee. I can’t imagine just plain coffee raising your blood sugar that high, but I suppose we are all different!

I live for coffee, I think its part of my DNA at this point…lol…The question is not the coffee because there are no carbs or sugar in coffee, it comes down to what do you put in it. Is it flavored coffee, creamer with sugar, do you use sugar or sweatner??? Are you making it at home or buying it from a coffee shop like Starbucks???

I only drink coffee I make at home and only use flavor creamers. They usually only have 5grams of sugar…If I go to a place like Starbucks I explained I am a diabetic and need to know what do they have in sugar free options, keep in mind coffee shops drinks are higher in calories and their mixes already have sugar in them. Also many places have a nutritional book with all the carbs/calories/sugar that are in their drinks, you just have to ask about it.

Whatever you do please dont go to decaf, thats against the laws of nature, we can figure this out…lol

i drink lots of coffee throughout the day. i always get it half decaf and drink it black. its probably the milk that is raising your sugars, sometimes splenda makes me high so iv gone completely bland and learnedto love it black.

I had that same problem. Even with using splenda. Found out that packet sweeteners have glucose added for bulk. I started using tablet sweetener and heavy whipping cream instead of milk or creamer. It immediately stopped raising my BG. Tablets and cream have no carbs or sugars. You can also try the liquid sweeteners, as they are carb and sugar free. All the powdered stuff has glucose added for bulk. Can’t speak for anyone else, but you may want to give it a try. I can’t live without my coffee, so I just had to find a way that worked! Good luck!!

My dr, recommended taking a unit of insulin to compensate, but I rarely do, even though coffee seems to affect my body’s ability to use whatever insulin is in my system fairly drastically. I remember reading that coffee can decrease your insulin sensitivity by up to 20%. So I should probably by upping my breakfast bolus by 20% or doing a temp basal rate of 120% percent for the few hours after the coffee. I’ll be curious to see what others say!

LOL…No prob, I was concerned but glad we got to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m confused, what do you mean by “flavored coffees”? Do you mean like just plain coffee beans that are say “hazlenut” or do you mean something with creamer or sweetener?

Coffee is the first thing I have in the morning. I get my first cup at work (at least an hour after my synthroid and prior to eating). I use cream and sometimes half a splenda. My endo said my spike is due to my liver kicking in with the stored glucose. I bolus one unit before I grab my mug and head to the coffee pot and it seems to do the trick.

I bolus one unit per cup of coffee.

I drink tea rather than coffee, but do experience a rise in BG with just plain ol’ black tea or green tea with nothing added. I think it’s the caffeine. I haven’t done it yet, but think I could experiment with bolusing for it – with a pump, you can do fractions of units.

I have the same after a drink of milo, my dietitian told me to have one daily to uptake my energy levels, I dont put sugar in anything now I use repalcement supplements(sugarella) and I have a few cups of tea a day and that seems ok although that replaces my water intake im not a big water drinker just go for frequent walks around your house or even make aphonecall sometimes that calms me if my sugar is higher than usual

What’s milo?

There are some folks who’s BGs just get affected by coffee, you might be one of them. There are members here that have written about this before as well. Have a look through there.

Im one of the lucky ones in that I am not affected. I think Id jump ship if I lost my coffee IV drip. Im up to about 5+ cups a day. =^) I suppose that’ll drop once the kids are a bit older and Im not pushing 10 hours days. One the weekends Im down to 2-3 cups, with splenda, stevia, or splenda with fiber 1:1, and some almond milk.

Hi Im in australia MILO is chococalte malted powder to make chocolate flavours milk drinks. maybe yo americans use milk powder it would be like choc flavoured milk powder its pretty yummy.

I believe it. Do you have milk with your coffee? Milk contains lactose, a form of sugar. I know that mine will go up after my morning cup of tea (which also contains caffeine). Try experimenting with different types of milk - unsweetened of course!

I was told by the CDE that coffee spikes your blood sugars. I tested and it does not spike mine, but I have cut down my coffee consunmption quite a bit. I drink ground coffee too, can’t stand that freeze dried stuff.

Caffeine spikes me. I drink caffeine free diet soda now, and have to bolus for black coffee (can’t stand decaf lol). When I drink my 0 carb RockStar I have to bolus for that too. It’s not always carbs…some people are just affected by caffeine.

coffee is a stimulant and that drug works by increased adreneline and depending on how much adreneline one generates might trigger a sugar dump from your liver thus some people get a spike, or at least thats my opinion from my limited knowledge on drug/body reactions. i’ll explain a lil bit:

if you play sports and quite a few people here do and i have always seen back and forth well ‘exersice raises b.s.’ v. 'exercise lowers b.s.'

both arguements are correct… in my expierence of playing sports i have played half arsed and full speed and overly strenous all types of “exercise” demand different responses from my body i find when i do light workouts i lower my b.s. because i don’t actually trigger my adrenaline to kick in and get sugar help form the liver to get that quick boost, when i work out hard or really intense sports or whatever and me personally get that heart jump increase and that adrenal rush my blood sugar jumps a 100 or 200 points…

the coffe may be trigger that adrenline reaction to have your blood sugar jump or spike. but again i could be totally off base here but my life expierences has lead to these conclusions.