Holy Cow! Almost 5,000 Members! What are your thoughts?

This site is a bit of a diabetic oasis for me! I love coming to read blogs and forums, meet new people and help when I can! How about you?


It is truly amazing and the amount of information, sharing, venting, support, and common every day issues we all exchange here. I have learned a lot here and have dispelled a great deal of fear and anxiety about diabetes. It makes me feel less alone knowing others face the same challenges. I have read some funny discussions/forums here. I may have only become a member recently but, I am so grateful for this avenue to ask questions and share experiences. Thanks to all who participate regularly.

I think it’s incredible and I love that I found it!

Andrea B.

Yep! It’s awesome. Hurrah for TuDiabetes!

What date was this site created? I’m curious.

makes you understand that you are not alone. i always see commercial saying there are thousands of people with diabetes out there. being one of them i know we don’t carry a label on my forehead -although insulin pump users are easier to target!-. this site helps me put a face on those thousands of people. that is good.

Manny will have to help with that, I joined under a year ago and I’m member 1800 something. We’re growing fast!!!

I’m proud! We keep on growing! It’s been so much fun. I’m glad I was in early. I was before 1,000 members if I remember correctly. Wait a minute… I just counted backwards on the members page. I’m 87. If I counted right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mike,
I think what is best with our community is that we stay personal. What i mean with that is that we each seem to give the best of ourselves and talk to each other as if we were face to face and sharing from inside ourselves. We treat each other as true family and watch out for each other and genuinely care and support. We don’t all agree with each other all the time, but we can share our opinions without the fighting. I really like that and the fact that whatever we each need everyone responds to. We are each able to grow and learn.and give and get respect from each other And the truest beauty of all is the loving, caring, supportive giving that gives each of us the strength to go ahead and do whatever we need to do and get through whatever we have to go through. Thank you to Manny and all his crew. This came from all of you.

I believe it was was founded in March 2007! :slight_smile:

I never cease to be amazed… when I realize how much we can all touch each others’ lives… how powerful it is when we take a step outside our d-shell and share with others what we go through, how we cope with it and we learn how others do it to. In the end, we become better informed, more empowered, more engaged in our own diabetes management.

I know I am a better patient today than I was two years ago and it is all thanks to you, so for that THANK you!!!

Manny is there a way to find out what my member # is?

Not conveniently… you need to do a little bit of math. :frowning:

I found you from the television broadcast the other day! Just awesome. Thanks to everyone.

Yes its a great place and really helps raise the awareness of Diabetes.

Yikes! Now that’s a bad 4 letter word! lol

I love to read blogs but also to write. You can check my blog >>HERE<< and feel free to leave comment. Lot’s of people don’t know about this site and wants to learn about diabetes.

I’m so excited! It’s about to happen very soon!

We are 5000¡