Asana (postures) cause & effects

Do specific ASANA (postures) generate very specific effects? Given CGM technology looks like we have a serious "data pool" to explore here solely because of the technology. Where do we start?

Headstand make you higher?
Downward-dog/mountain cause you wicked free-fall lows almost always afterwards...?
Pranayama (breathing) techniques trigger spikes any time you do them?

Sitting postures?

The bandhi (locks) ?

Regardless of which flavor of yoga, regardless of gender, intensity, perhaps we can find some patterns. Lots of choices... this could be significant stuff, if we look carefully.

Anybody want to start?!?!

Stuart, your post is very timely. Last Friday, I went really low towards the end of my 60 minute practice. I pump into my upper thigh, and bolus little to no insulin before yoga and then disconnect the pump. On that particular day, I was in the high 100's before class so I bolused .5 units. My legs got a very strong workout. I believe that was what caused me to go so low by the end of the hour.

I have not noticed ANY differences in BG whatsoever at all. We don't do headstands, but we do leg inversions. I always have my CGM with me, but it's never peeped. The only comment I can make is that I do feel more relaxed after a session, but that's about it.

My CDE has me reduce basal by 25-50 % 1 hour before practice and 1/2 hour after. this works good for me if I start in 120-140 range. If higher and take any bolus, I alwaus go low. Cant help to think its all dependant on the length and quality of the practice, where one starts with BG and insulin/food on board.

Interesting thoughts on pranyam...will take notice. thanks.

WOW, that's a heck of a lot of reduction! (20% seems the typical exercise reduction I knew of). Wonder what the Sheri Coleburg's book shows for specific asana -LOL- and insulin/basal reductions or raises.

No, just basic circulation and absorption would cause a crash, especially as etta amy suggested. Bad site choice for particular asana or strong emphasis on mostly legs, for example guarantees trouble, if thats where we are connected/injected.

My question remains, do certain asana, bandhi (locks), pranayama (breathing) cause direct effects. Given the technology can it be determined, can any of us doing "X" know its gonna cause a crash, because thats what that "X" causes regardless of how hard/long practices.

Are there asana, yoga practice(s) hich have a guaranteed "after effect", an hour, two hours after its practice... the technology can show us now!

Uggggh bolus before class.... gives a whole new "definition" to the term SKULL SHINING (sic. a wicked dangerous low).

How come you disconnect your pump before yoga?

the only time to disconnect for me is swimming. if I did accidental bolus, I would put temp basal at 10-20 % and eat some dates or similar snack. sometimes put dex on shutdown b/c its so darn loud.

OK, I have another question: are you folks practicing different kinds of yoga? I've only done hatha and both the instructors have led very gentle practices. Given that I know very little, are there practices which are more vigorous and athletic, which might lead to BG problems? Maybe the fact that our class moves very slowly and gently, and the emphasis is NOT on exhaustion or pain is the reason my BG never budges?

Hello Natalie:

The physical practice (Hatha-Yoga) has dozens, hundreds of various off-shoots today unfortunately. However too many types badly blindly jamb together music, "balance", speed, power, heat etc. but are missing the point entirely. Yoga while pedaling on a spin-cycle while stretching to the latest pop music, with heat lamps going are mistaken largely mental distractions.

External factors are completely unnecessary, counter productive even.

My background was in "Iyengar Yoga" (aka prop yoga). But done slowly for balance, focus or dynamically repeatedly (e.g. sun salutation), the sweat could easily be wrung from my shirt.

Studied other yoga practices, other teachers regardless had very consistent effects, certain asana, needed emergency crash protocols. Others asana caused other direct effects. Neither pain nor exhaustion were ever part of the equation, even among the unskilled , incompetent "weekend certified" so called teachers.

Yoga to capacity was the method. Were there days my sugars stayed in place... rarely for me, climbing sure, straight line never. Great question, good idea...

I disconnect it because I can. My basal rate is only .250.

Hi, I am currently in a yoga teacher program for Para yoga (a combination of Hatha and hymalain yoga tradition) I have found specifically for me that Agni Sara which is using tratabhanda (all three bhandas) has been very beneficial. And I am beginning to explore practices for the third Chakra. With a mostly daily practice I've been able to decrease my basal rate and my carb ratios. I am a symlin user but have used it for app. 3 years, so nothing new here. My blood glucose is evening out. I am also changing my site every two days which sometimes is a bummer. But I definitly get the best blood glucose control this way. My blood glucose is not perfect (who's is?) but I am finding the transformations of yoga taking affect as my relationship to the world is changing. And my relationship to the diabetes is also improving. Acceptance. yeah!