Asha update Nov.23/2012

It was such a beautiful day out, the sun was shining, and I decided that I will rake up some leftover leaves. I took Asha to the park first for our training/play time, turns out we have some admiring fans! People have been watching us from their windows I guess!! This lady came out of her condo and asked if she could give her a cookie as she could tell we were done our session.

So On to the leaves... I took my time, Asha laying in "place" on the grass, people walking by commenting on how well behaved she is, etc.
After about half an hour she quietly groaned a few times looking at me,I though she might be bored so I stopped and played/petted her for a few mins, then back to work!

A few mins later she began to whine a little louder,not moving from her place where she was told to stay. I though I better hurry up and get the job done as I felt sorry for her just hanging out doing nothing...and then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I started to feel shakey and sweaty and jittery, so I tested.... 2.9mmol!!!!!!! By this time Asha had broken her "place" and sat beside me while I tested and treated myself with skittles. I sat on the ground and she snuggled right up to me quietly waiting out the low with me.

The amazing part about this is, we just finished our basic obedience training and are just beginning our scent training!! She was obviously upset, but didnt want to disobey me when asked to "stay" When she has completed her training I have no doubt she will be even more amazing!!!! I love my floopy eared mutt!!!![|403x403](upload://nz8Y3naikfgnqNKu8dUjvqqoTIv.jpeg)