ASHA's UPDATE Oct. 28/2012

We are almost finished our basic training(obedience) and she has been living with me full time for over a month now.
I will be starting her scent training in the next week or two.
So the other night, her and I and the cat were snuggling on the couch watching TV. All of the sudden, she started pawing at me,first with one paw, then when I pushed her away she went all out with both paws. I thought ok, maybe she must have to go to the bathroom so I got up and thats when it hit me... low blood sugar. I tested and I was at 3.9mmol and felt shakey and scared, grabbed my emergency pop out of the fridge and sat on the floor drinking it until I felt better. The dog beside me the whole time.

It didnt even dawn on me until a few hours later that it was my dog alerting me...I figured maybe it was just a coincedence because she has not been scent trained yet, so how could that be???

The next night, same scenario, snuggling on the couch only this time she not only pawed me, but started to lick my hand, and not the friendly dog kind of lick, it was like she was trying to wash something off of me.
So I tested, and I was at 13.9mmol
I knew this time it was not a " I need to go out" thing as we had just been out mins before.
So I guess she has already figured out what her role is, I gave her a big hug and a treat for a job well done.

This gives me hope now that when the scent training does begin, she will already be an expert!

How did I get so lucky??????

Hi karebear. I've always thought that bonding plays a major role in a dog's learning to alert. If you both care about each other enough, and spend enough quality time together, then the dog is likely to get it. At any rate congratulations to both you and Asha!

What a wonderful story. Animals, well most of the time I prefer them to humans. Yip, you are very lucky to have such a great friend.


So happy you and Asha found each other. As I said before, animals are so much more intuitive than we give them credit for. Cosmo does the same thing

She's so regal the way she sits!

I haven't trained my cat either, but he'll let me know by sticking his cold nose in my neck. That's when I'm having a low and when my blood sugar is high he'll sit there and hiss at me.

You are so lucky to have her she is wonderful!!