Assistance with low/high blood sugars Question?

This topic might come off a little on the negative side of Diabetes BUT… I was wondering how many times you have been treated by either Paramedics or a Hospital for low/high blood sugars? Please list what Type of Diabetes you have and how long you’ve had diabetes…

I think we might be surprised at the amount of PWD that have not been treated by the medical

community (that often) for low/high blood sugars other than their original diagnosis.

Twice I have been treated by the paramendics, both times were within the first/second year of my diagnosis. The first time I was in 9th grade english class, I decided to take a nap before lunch at my desk, I failed to realize my sugar was super low. I remember waking up on a gurney as the lunch bell rang. I was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later. The second time I was at home, another low blood sugar while I was sleeping. I woke up in a pool of blood due to biting my tongue… there were two paramedics and my mom standing over me. I was not taken in to the hospital (I had to wear a cast on my tongue for two weeks ;)).

It has been more than 24 years (knock on wood) since the last time I needed medical assistance due to a low/high blood sugar. I was a young boy both times, back then I was checking my sugar (urine and then blood) maybe twice a day.

Type 1 - 26+ years

Medical assistance Twice

I’m LADA/Type 1, diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago.

I’ve never been treated or hospitalized due to low or high blood sugars. I’m LADA so I didn’t go through the DKA thing at diagnosis. The only edgy low I had was right when I started on insulin and it was the blind (me) leading the dimly sighted (my doc who was treating me as a type 2).) Mainly I did something stupid. I was unconscious and came to to find myself drenched in sweat and feeling like I was moving through molasses to test and treat. I was “up to” 38 and was able to treat with glucose tabs (though my brain was unable to count them or make sense of the clock). Since then not even close and hopefully not again. I live alone and my cat’s paws can’t maneuver the phone to dial 911.

DKA at diagnosis. My husband rushed near comatose me to the ER. Hope to never repeat that experience.

Never needed medical assistance for a low.

I’ve only needed EMT assistance once. And that was within the last year. I’d gone 33 years without ever having the need of medical intervention. In August my number finally came up. So far, it has only been the one time. Apparently, I’m a slow study since it took me so long. :slight_smile:

T1, 33 years

Medical assistance once

I have been diabetic for 15 years. I have been hospitalized once for DKA 3 years ago. Never any assistance for a low (knock on wood) and I have been down in the 20s.

Type1 – 15 years
Medical assistance Once

type 1 for 43 years, never needed to call 911 or go to the hospital, even for my dx, which was picked up at a routine physical. I did, however, spent many months in the hospital in 1979 when I ruptured my kidney, so maybe I’ve paid my dues?

Type 1 - 7 years
Medical assistance None
(Apart from DKA diagnosis in the ER, but my Mom drove me there and I walked in myself.)

Never for a low.

5 times (6 if you count diagnosis) for highs. 2 of those times were paramedics (once I called 911, another time I was unconscious and a roommate called 911), others were me taking myself to ER.

I’ve been diabetic since July 1992.

Oh yeah my DKA wasn’t at diagnosis but my mom did drive me and I walked in. I had be puking for 13 hours straight before I decided I should get to the ER

I’ve needed medical assistance only once for high bg’s. Spent time in ICU for DKA. The cause was my insulin pump had a kinked canula. I followed the protocol in changing it out but, for whatever reason the second one also kinked. Thank God I used syringes to help out the situation but, it still wasn’t good enough. ER here I come!

I was out of state running away from a hurricane and on my way home I started feeling ill. It’s VERY hard to find a rest room when there is a hurricane out there! Every place we tried to go to had cars lined up along the road just to get into the parking lots. So, I didn’t drink much water for that reason.

Never…so far…knock on wood.

But I have a question - we know the long term effects of BG #s that are too high, even if it’s not in the “danger” zone. Does anyone know, is there any information on any long term effects of low BGs over time? Again, even if not in the seriously dangerous zone? Just wondering.

Myself, T1, 18 years (16 @ dx).

None for DKA or frank hypoglycemia (knock on wood), once for accidental OD on humalog. I accidentally took 40u of humalog (my Lantus dose) by accident and went to the ER out of caution because I live alone. The 2-3 cups of sugar I downed was apparently enough to prevent it because I did not require dextrose while I was there for 3-4 hours. Not my brightest moment, for sure.

My little brother, T1, 4 years.

Twice for DKA. None for hypos. I think it’s finally into his head that he can’t skip his lantus dose no matter how little he eats!

Type 1—49 years.

I was late for work and I totally forgot to take my shots. I went home for the week-end. My Parents drove me to the ER when I was going in and out of consciousness and throwing up blood while in DKA. Then I went into a 3 day Coma. I was 19 y/o.

My 2nd time was for a low. I had it under control but my Endo happened to call at that time. Since I was 3 mths. pregnant with my first Baby, she thought it was a Good idea for me to go to ER. She called the Paramedics to pick us up.

My 3rd was when one of my Friends had dropped in. I opened the door and collapsed in front of her. She called 911 and she said that they told her to slap me twice across the face to see if I responded. (I still think she made that up. :smiley: ). I didn’t respond, so another pick-up.

My 4th was when I had a virus. I took my shot but then I didn’t feel like eating, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: I just had a juice and went to bed which wasn’t enough obviously.

My 5th was when my PT asked if I would allow them extended time of answering questions and doing many exercises to help her Physical Therapist in training. I like to be helpful. Later, my Daughter found me unconscious(Poor Kid was so upset). She called her Father and he called 911 before he rushed home because she couldn’t wake me up.

My 6th was when I collapsed in the entrance with a high fever of 105.2. It was blood poisoning which could be indirectly related to Diabetes.

I guess that would be the 6th…Right? :slight_smile: YW!

No worry…I still laugh when I think of Moni doing that and getting away with it. :smiley:

Okay then. That was about 4.5 years ago. :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure, maybe 6-10 times for hypos? All but one when I was younger, 25 or less. I’m 43 now but one caught me last summer too. Family reunion, bolused thinking ‘eat drink’ obnoxious kids ate the burgers and I was sort of out of it pretty early on and just didn’t eat, perhaps compounding it by thinking ‘drink’ w/ bolus too and then deciding (post bolus) that I’d not drink as I’d been drinking a lot. Perhaps compounded by having been running maybe 10-15 miles/ week and running 20 miles in 3 days on vacation and crashed, jumped over a couch. I think my cousin (trained as EMT) and MrsAcidRock may have had the situation under control but someone else may have been alarmed and called the paramedics. Oh well.

Never. not sure what type use about 100 units per day.

Umm I have had my fair share:

1st - DX with DKA blood sugar over 900 hospital icu for a week at the age of 12.

2nd and 3rd - 17 yrs old just dx’ed with leukemia so going through the chemo and the non stop vomiting really put me low one while in school and the other while at the hospital for chemo.

4th - last yr for low passed out because I dosed and ate only to throw it up so went low and woke up in the ER

5th - College last semester was so low my nurse professor decided that I needed to go after I tested my bg before the exam and came up in the 30’s but even after eating it didn’t pop back up. he would not let me drive to the ER so went by ambulance lucky though cause I had a severe kidney infection that was causing the issue.

so I am type 1 and 5 times of medical assist. and I have had it for 17 yrs