What was YOUR lowest low?:)

I don’t know what it was when I went into a diabetic coma but, it was down to 25 this past Saturday.


You have been in a diabetic coma? I am so sorry to hear that. I have alot of low sugars. I need to ask you guys a question though. I have been diabetic for 15 years and I don’t understand peoples blood sugars on here? 25? 33? my sugars on my meter read 2.5 or like 5.3 like a low would be 3.9 or under and high is like 7.0 and over. Please explain your numbers if you can???
I hate the low sugars but it seems so hard for me not to have them through the day.

hmm… i guess it depends on what kind of meter you use. i’ve been through ALOT of meters but i’ve never had any that read the way yours does. I think everybody reacts differently when their sugar levels are low. In my case… mine was down to 25 which is pretty low but I was coherent and knew what was going on. My aunts a diabetic and lives with me so that we can watch over each other. About a month ago hers got down to 30 and she was actin all kindsa crazy, stuffin animal cookies in her mouth, threatin to throw them at me and her son so eventually I called 911 cause it was gettin a little out of hand. Its funny but its scary. Now… i have the opposite problem… I can’t keep my sugar levels down unless i just dont eat for the entire day. it sucks cause when they get soooo high im sick until the point im vomiting.

1.1 came up one time. Christine, multiply by 18.

30 and i thought i was going to pass out,crawled to fridge and drank a pepsi and another…finally came up to 70.

I know I hate the highs and lows. I was just saying to my mom that I wonder if there is a diabetic out there who always has good sugars. I was going low so often that I started to not even notice when I was low either. I would test before I ate and would be REALLY low and not know it. I hate the highs too…I don’t get them often but when I do it SUCKS! I vommit too…and get BAD chest pains…heart burn kinda…and you just have to ride it out…that’s what I hate. If you have a low…you can take sugar. But with a high…what can you do.? It sucks that it’s so hard to control at times. It scares me when my sugars are out of wack…because you hear such bad stories about what could happen.

since i have lots of lows i kind of have
hypo unawareness…
a month before the 70
was a low number for me and become all shaky
now i reach the 40’s and i am fine…
50 seemed normal to me…
back on S!my lowest is 23

OK so Josephine your sugars read like mine? I know I have had a low of 1.4 and it’s scary. Doctors say most people pass out from those type of lows. I don’t get the multiply by 18. So Robyn sayd she was 30…what would that mean for us? would that be like a 3.0?

my sugar has been below 20 a couple times. that’s as low as my meter goes and then it says LO


first of all:
Remember that too many lows ( and lows in general ) are the WORSE for your EYES!

  • How often do you get these LOWS ?

  • You should consider to re-adjust your Basal Rate / or change insulin ( are you using Lantus / or Levemir ? - Split the Lantus / Levemir Dosis into 2 daily shots instead of 1 shot.

  • If the above doesnt work ; try to have a bed time snack which contains complex carbs ( such as black bread )

In general ; it happend to me in the past and I also eat unconsciousness ; than wake up hours later with a sick feeling…
This kind of hypos used to happen to me with the old generation insulins ( Actrapid / Protaphan etc… ) Now with the new basal ( Lantus or Levemir ) and new fast acting Insulins ( Humalog or Apidra ) I am not facing such problems.

Also another risk for such HYPOs are ; if you drank alcohol the evening / night before… alcohol tends to cover hypo symptoms and you wont wake up. Its very dangerous…

While you are in such hypo:
Drink Juice / or take Dextro Energen Tablets… if you eat too much ; you can add a shot of insulin to avoid after hypo heights…

My lowest was 50. which isn’t the worst, but it was enough to make me panic a little.

My lowest low ever was a 34. We were on the way to a dance recital and my wife noticed my speech was slow and I was acting goofy. Fortunately, she knows what to look for, pulled over and got me some candy.


but as for one my meter could actually read...i believe it was 29.

My lowest that I know was 23. There were a couple times I believe it was lower while I was sleeping. Those times I was lucky someone was there and noticed me convulsing in my sleep. Very scary for the person trying to wake me up.

My lowerst was 61

When I was 15 (1982), I woke up in the ER at the local hospital and the physician told my parents that 9 was the lowest blood sugar he had ever seen and that I was one lucky little girl because I had the flu and had a fever and that kept me from dying. I asked what? He said the only reason my Dad carried me to the car was because I was too hot when I sat next to him on the couch and he knew I was really sick. I usually get down to 20 or so before I pass out and can carry on a normal conversation well down into the 40’s.

Not everyone else measures that way… We live in France and we use the mg/dl - as in, 45 is a low

A few weeks ago I had the lowest LOW I’ve ever had – and it shook me to my core. I"m still upset about it!

It was the first time ever, in 20 years of Type 1, that I was not able to take care of myself. Since going on the Omnipod pump last June, I’ve been having lots of nighttime lows. During the day, I have no problem recognizing lows, but I’ve a deep sleeper and am single, so usually I don’t wake up until my sheet are soaked with sweat. Six times my dog has woken me up by licking me, but he’s not consistent.

Anyways, when I woke up this time, I had sweated thru both sheets, a blanket, and a down comforter. When I turned on the light, I couldn’t see anything, and could barely walk. I stumbled out to my living room to ask for help, tripped over the coffee table, and fell down unconscious. Luckily, my roomate heard that THUMP and knew to get me some juice. After drinking the juice, I kept going in and out of consciousness (in hindsight, we should have called 911…) After a second juice, I tested my BS and it was 30, so who knows how low it was when I woke up initially. My vision came back after 20 minutes, but it was nearly an hour before I could get up and walk again. So Scary!

Called my doctor the next morning and we lowered the basal rate at night and haven’t had anther bad one like that again. DR. also prescribed me one of those shots to have on hand, just in case. But it’s given me nightmares…what if I don’t wake up next time? It’s enough to make a single city gal go out and get a husband! haha. Gotta keep our sense of humor!!!