Thank you!

I am speechless... I am crying tears of joy. I was not expecting the beautiful video you guys have put together for my 40th birthday.

Really, thank you! Thank you...

Dear Manny...No one deserves it more. At 85 I am a computer nerd and did not know how to do it but my thanks for all you have done for me and Tudiabetes knows no bounds. Enjoy your day and many,many more. Reed

Feliz Cumpleano! Hope your birthday wish comes true and more. Love you, love what you do! Remember....![|500x350](upload://iqCsxAveI6DFoGOZNexIwNLKrIg.gif)

Hi Manny, echoing the very pretty birthday greeting above: Happy 40th Birthday! Have some fun today, maybe a bit of cake and ice cream! And another thanks for TuDiabetes.

Well, 7th time you (not exactly you, but your birthday) made me cry. Do I have to join a food wear house to buy tissues in bulk?

PS E did a super job on the video!!

Hi Manny! My 40th birthday was my absolute favorite. I hope you enjoy your 40th as much as I did!!!

You are very welcome! ENJOY!

Happy, happy birthday! No spending your special day on the computer. Get out there & celebrate.

Wanted to send video greetings, but am low tech without an iPhone or computer camera. Emily, always resourceful, tried to come up with a way for me.

Where would thousands of us be without you? Am raising a glass in honor of your birth & for everything you do.

Keep on counting Birthdays , Manny seems to be one of our favourite pass times in this house !
Nephew number 2 born on same day , same year as YOU :)
And what an inspiring video this became...

Hey Manny we all love u so much here! ur the best!!!

**Happy Happy 4oth Manny!!**

Thank you for all your hard work and creative juices.
All the Best to you Always for Happiness, Friends, Love,
Adventures and Good Health. Enjoy your Day! :)

Happy 40th.

Happy B-Day Manny - many more!!!!!

Thanks SO much to you all!!!

It has been a VERY special day and largely because of you: I have been showered with congratulations here, on Twitter and Facebook... I am so blessed!

Thanks again!


As others here have said, no one deserves the acknowledgment more. This community has been of incalculable value so many times to so many people that I don't want to imagine not having it. As I said in the video, thank you for making it a reality.

Oh, and as for turning 40 . . . if you're looking for sympathy, you came to the wrong guy! LOL

Happy Birthday, again!