At the Samuel U Rodgers Health Center

On Friday, November 13 I was fortunate enough to attend a WDD Luncheon at the Samuel U Rogers Health Center in Kansas City, MO. Cherise of Diabetic Iz Me let me know about the event and I am glad I was able to attend. Cherise’s mom is the Outreach Director there and organized this event. Here’s a picture of Cherise and I

Also there was Andrea Bradley of Sticky Sweet Diabetics. Andrea provided WDD ribbons for everyone there. As a matter of fact, she made 800 of these by hand and shipped them all over the world at no charge, so she really provided them for everyone everywhere!

The panel included:
Cherise Stockley of Diabetic Iz Me,
Andrea Bradley of Sticky Sweet Diabetics,
Mitlon Gray, Diabetic and Patient Advocate,
Sharon Sawyer, RN of the Harmon Diabetes Center and
Dr. Alvin Smith, Podiatrist at the Samuel U Rogers Health Center

Cherise spoke about online support from the various diabetic sites such as and Diabetes Daily. She encouraged people to utilize these sites to find the answers they need. She also discussed diabetes burnout and how we all go through it at times.

Andrea spoke of what motivated her to be online and sharing her experiences. Her younger brother is also a T1 and she saw how the diagnosis affected him. She wants to help other diabetics who are going through that same thing by sharing her experiences. She also discussed why she chose white as the color of the ribbons…

The most dynamic and entertaining speaker of the day was Milton Gray. He told the story of how he came to know something was up while driving on I-435 here in Kansas City. He described the symptoms, had the whole room nodding “yep” and had us all smiling the whole time. He made a great point that exercise is medicine.

Sharon Sawyer basically provided an overview of how many diabetics there are and what complications they can face if they don’t work to improve control.

Dr. Smith spoke on the importance of having your feet checked every 6 months and inspecting them yourself every day. He talked about the loss of sensation many diabetics develop and how that can easily lead to development of wounds that don’t heal well.

All in all, it was a great experience. It was my first time meeting anyone from the diabetes online community and Cherise is as nice in person as she is online. I don’t remember the last time I was at an event like this, if I ever was, and it has inspired me to want to contribute more of my experiences to the D.O.C. It was a great demonstration of the fact that we are not alone in this diabetic journey.

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