Meetup D-Style...renewing my faith & hope

When I first started on tudiabetes I was at a crossroads with my diabetes care. I was stressed out from living with the big D, researching for answers, getting no where with my weight loss journey on top of everyday living things...taking care of kids, being a wife, dealing with my moms struggles, working etc....just how to juggle it all! I had always strived for A1c always in the 6's....when I got overwhelmed I turned to the internet for even more answers....(recently got my labs back with 8.9 as A1c...time to fight a bit harder again eh?..need to put myself back on my priority list) Around the same time I found tudiabetes I also found some wonderful blogs on the internet and also got addicted to twitter...on twitter I found another whole community in itself where diabetes were sharing ideas & frustrations, promoting events and websites with the hashtag #diabetes...this is where I found hope & strength in numbers! As Cherise (@diabeticizme) puts it in one of the videos she taped.....

Instant connection…it’s kind of like you meet an army buddy and even though you served in different wars (any type of diabetes) it comes together …to be able to sit around and tell each other war stories…

We all got connected and started chit-chatting online…even though we were all online there was an instant brotherhood/sisterhood feel … I shared some of my most personal thoughts through DM’s on twitter… people were always there to lift my spirits and put me back in the “fight”…it helps to know there are more people out there that go through the same things that I do…the same emotions…the same ups and downs…though I try to talk to my husband and god knows he tries to help and listen it’s just not the same as talking it out with a fellow D-lifer…

I found out Cherise was in socal and we decided to meet! It was INCREDIBLE! She is so awesome and I adore her…the next meetup we had planned was a breakfast between Cherise, George (@ninjabetic) and myself…we all live about 1 hour away from each other if you picture a big triangle on the map…I could not wait for the day to meet the man behind the B.A.D. blog !Click here to see ninjabetic’s blog
We decided to meet for breakfast on a saturday morning but that thursday before I got sick from my kiddos and was laid out…still fighting the chest cold part of it I warned them both if they wanted to cancel the meet up I would totally understand…George was like a big NO! We have to do this…so I said okay and went to meet them saturday morning at mimi’s cafe…I waited in anticipation and here comes George and Cherise! I was already overwhelmed and so excited giving George a big hug he tells me “I hope you don’t mind if I brought a friend”…I look up! and it was Scott Johnson! (@scottkjohnson)click here to read scott’s blog I freaked…I flipped out! I started slapping on George LOL then got to give Scott a huge hug! Out of so many in this community Scott really touched my heart through his writing and DMs on twitter…I felt like I was meeting a rock star! I was floored they pulled it off…Scott was out in california with business …George and Scott had a wild road trip meeting others in the diabetic community in vegas, down to San Diego and then back to the inland empire ending with Cherise & I…

We got a chance to eat breakfast…ended up coming back to my house to just hang out and talk and laugh and talk and laugh…ended up a few hours later at richie’s diner and then said our goodbyes…

It was the most AMAZING meetup and I can’t wait to meet more from the community…what a special bond we share whether online or in person…

When I found out we lost Saundra yesterday I sat and teared up thinking about how much she shared with us all with her own struggles being diabetic…I said some prayers for her and the family and for all of us here still in the fight…we are a special kind of army and I’m honored to serve in it with all of you…I’ve always thought of this disease as a blessing because of the special people I’ve met along the way and each year my emotions run deeper and more connected to the individuals fighting everyday…makes each day a little sweeter knowing that others are out there that care and are cheering you on!

Keep Pressin’ on … Big “D” hugs!

click here to watch our meetup videos!
click here for Cherise’s blog

Hi Jaimie, I am so glad that you got to meet up with friends. It sounds like so much fun. I am glad that I have this place to come to when things get hard, or even just to help others with their fight. I myself do not have the Big D, but 2 people I love do and I try my hardest to help them fight . If you ever need a cheerleader let me know. I what ever I can. :slight_smile: Even if it is just a kind word. Sounds like you have some good friends! Keep it up and don’t ever give up!

I wish I could meet every single person in the community :slight_smile:

I know it would be very cool. :slight_smile:

Very cool, Jaimie! Sounds like it was a good time

Great post Jaimie and I love twitting with you as well, you always find a way to cheer me up. :slight_smile:


I can’t even picture you being in need of support. You have offered so much to others and me! I wish I could meet you all.

I got to meet Sarah M. because she lives in Muskego, WI. It was altogether short and we’re hoping to get together again…soon, I hope.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

all your messages are so sweet … yup even I need support sometimes Lois although I have a hard time admitting it…lol…I have superwoman complex ha!

I want to come! I live in Dallas, but I’ll be in San Jose next week on business, from Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon, if anyone wants to meet up Monday or Tuesday evening. BTW, I’m on Twitter with Jaimie, Jill, and Anna Kiff. Feel free to follow me here: Also, there is a wonderful lady in my Twitter group of friends who goes by “SwitchingGranny”. I’ve just started speaking with her, but she is a hoot, and very hip. She can relate with us, as she was Dx’d w/ multiple sclerosis & Trigeminal Neuralgia in 2003. Feel free to follow her, and check out her tweets. Pretty funny stuff, tempered with lots of wisdom so far. If anyone wants to meet up next week, let me know.

It was the BEST trip I’ve ever taken. Meeting so many of my online friends and getting to spend the better part of a day with you and your family, Cherise and her daughter, and G-Money!? What more could one ask for?

This was the greatest week of my life. I love you all like family.