World Diabetes Day....2 days later

On Friday I proudly wore blue pants and a blue shirt to represent World Diabetes Day. I also sent my son to school in a blue long sleeve shirt with blue jeans. It was a wonderful day for me. At noon I attended a diabetes luncheon that was hosted by the Samuel U Rodgers Health Center. Cherise over at DiabeticizMe invited me after my status on facebook read “I’m disapointed with the lack of support in Kansas City about diabetes”. Her mom (Nina Howard) works for the center as the Director of Community Relations. Thanks Cherise!

After driving the wrong way down a one way, calling my mom for help and realizing I should have left at 11 so I could have made it by noon (I always get lost in Missouri) I finally stumbled on to it. 30 minutes late and a wee bit of frustration later I made it to a sign outside of a room in the basement that read “Welcome to the Diabetes Awareness Luncheon”. As I quietly and unsuccessfully tried to enter the room I noticed about 15 people sitting in a u-shape attentively listening and answering questions. The discussion was being lead by Dr. Jasper Fullard, Jr. and he covered the two different types of diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), preventing complications with diabetes, diet, exercise and that you need to ask your doctor questions. The Q&A session went very well with alot of great questions that were asked. Surprisingly he admitted he is not a fan of the “pump” and does not push it on his patients. He also explaind the newer Type 1.5 (LADA) diabetes. Closing remarks were given and a door prize drawing was held. Guess who won a baseball cap? I kind of felt bad taking it since I was late but I figured it would be the perfect souvenir for my first World Diabetes Day event.

After the event I spoke with Ms. Nina’s administrative assistant and fumbled through what the DiabetesSisters event is and what I am trying to do. I felt frustrated and silly that I couldn’t articulate in an intelligent way what exactly I want to do. Nevertheless I was told I would be invited back to explain it to everyone and they all seemed genuinely excited. I left the health center with mixed emotions, I was excited about the opportunity to further my cause but frustrated with myself for not being able to just say what I want to do. It all got me to thinking this weekend about why I started Sticky Sweet Diabetics in the first place. I spent alot of time racking my brain and after noticing the visible frustration on my face my parents jumped in to help me unscramble my thoughts and arrange them they way they should be. From that I have updated my website and I’m ready for my meeting with the wonderful people at the health center. Please stop by and take a look and send me any suggestions and comments.

Until next time wish me luck and many blessings!

Andrea B.