Ate too many sweets at a party, oh what to do?

I am usually pretty good about not eating sweets (which I crave) but tonight I couldn’t resist and ate about 6 small brownies and a piece of cake. I have been doing well but tonight I just couldn’t stop myself. Life has been stressful of late and yes I used to soothe it with sweets. So, after the party was over and I sent all the sweets away I am feeling remorse over being so careless! I take metformin so I added an extra dose but I am not going to take my readings tonight as I know they will be high and make me even more stressed…What do other people do when this happens? I know my readings will be high in the am also so I set myself up. Its like self-sabotage! My latest A1C was 5.8 but I want it lower and working on eating more of a vegan diet. I don’t often let this happen but this summer I have had a bit more sweets (like ice cream and cake) on a few occasions (one being my birthday). Sigh.

Drink lots of water and go for a brisk walk. Then calm down and get back on the wagon tonight. Your readings might be high for tomorrow but they will come back down.

Exercise. Then forget about it…maybe not exactly forget about it but just file the experience away for future times when you may be tempted to overindulge. It happens to all people trying to make lifestyle changes, sometimes we fall off the wagon, and we just need to get back on. If I you were I would still check…not checking to avoid seeing bad numbers sounds like a bad habit to get into from my perspective.

Speaking of perspective, don’t lose yours…you have an AIC of 5.8 so most of the time you must be doing well.

Thank you for your replies. I have been drinking lots of water, its raining cats and dogs so I must forgo the walk this evening, I usually do every night after dinner and will check my numbers before bed…Appreciate all your thoughts. Back on track tomorrow!

I don’t eat many carbs, so I don’t crave sweets. Carbs in the body call out for more carbs.

By the way more metformin will not make things go down faster, its not like insulin that you pop more pills and that equals an adjustment. What you will wind up when you pop more metformin is a good stomach ache since your stomach has to adjust to the level of metformin. I am on metformin also and occationally I will have too much carbs, the best thing I can do to come down is hit the stationary bike hard with a 15 minute intense workout. I get the heart going to about 80% and I can fly from 200 down to 69 in those 15 minutes.

So when you make a mistake with food dont be afraid to see what happens 2 hours later. That way you can deal with it. Dont feel guilty just deal with it and move on and make a plan for when things go high. With meds its not the same as insulin with immediate adjustments of dosages. I have been on insulin and meds and it was easier to adjust with insulin than with meds.

also the wii makes a great tool. I used it in the winter to control numbers. I would do the wii boxing and go from 200 to 70 in 30 minutes. Find some type of excercise you can do indoors when its bad outside. I have acquired a tread mill, a stationary bike, and my trusty wii fit to get the heart moving

I understand u r T2. I am a T1 and i usually take an extra large shot of insulin to cover all the extra sugars and it takes care the sweets. Since u r T2 and on oral meds, i would still recommend maintaining a vial of short acting insulin like Novorapid or aphidra with you. Just for special oocasions. ur A1C of 5.8 is extraordinary and i feel such occasional sli ups wouldn’t affect u in a big way. So don’t stress urself about those slip ups.

Glad I’m not the only one who loses their mind at a party. Just move on and be good now.

Chris, I know you meant well and intended no harm; but please be careful about advising a T2 NOTon insulin and recently diagnosed to use insulin if it was not prescribed by her doctor nor her health- care team… Insulin can be both Life-saving AND Lethal . It is really not to be used for convenience/correction on a whim for those for which it is not prescribed . As the other responders to your post have suggested,Spirit7 ,it is best to stay hydrated and exercise Your blood glucose will come down with that. Do not be afraid to test!! The numbers are just numbers and NOT your enemy: they let you know what to do .
Do not feel so guilty… You are still new at this ,and We ALL slip up from time to time…
God Bless,

@Brunetta!! Thanks a lot for reminding me on that and correcting. Its just that i have T1 for 18 years and when ever my meter tells me my BS is high, i simply take a correction. I mean with T1 highs and lows are just part of teh game!!! The slip up was just from my inner mind that tells me “Oh!! so my sugar 180 above normal and boom i take 3 extra units (my correction factor is 1:60)”

@spirit7 my apologies and may be u can discuss this issue with ur doctor and see if he has an advice about how to correct it immediately!!.I am not sure what kind of symptoms u feel with HS. In my case i get a skin burning sensation and a strange feeling emotionally. More than the HS it is these other symptoms that more disturbing and annoying.

This is so cute…!! we all know what this feels like haha. i think of hott celebrities like Megan fox and Jessica alba everytime I think about eating carBs . sounds cruel but that my technique atm.

If you find that you are craving more than ususal, you may want to try a low dose of the chromium. It helps to get it under control if you find it’s something that is a common problem in your daily life, Other than that, welcome to the real word, your normal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just by posting this thread you recognize what you did. Who hasn’t been there? We fall down, we pick ourselves up and move on. You recognize it and will do better next time this happens.

Well said will
Taking an extra dose of Metformin will not help much

I remeber you stressing at times Duck. It takes time for all of us to learn what will work and what will not.

I had a doctor tell me this once and since found it to be true.
We are all human and if you want it eat a little at that time as if you rob yourself later you will over indulge this is not a good thing to set yourself up for ever.

I appreciate your kind and encouraging thoughts. I can be pretty hard on myself. Took a nice brisk walk today and plenty of water…and back of track! Good information on the metformin, I won’t bother to take extra I’ll just get on my bike instead. Yesterday we had downpours of rain and the party was at my house. I usually walk after dinner but too tired last night to be pounded by the torrential rain! My numbers weren’t too bad this am 105 (fasting). Expected higher so it wasn’t a complete disaster but not a cycle I want to continue. I usually just have a low carb (dannon) yogurt in the evenings with some nuts sprinkled on top (my sundae!) Do miss Dairy Queen. Thanks!

What you want to do is:

  1. Calm down. Do a calming activity that will take your mind off of the situation. Perhaps you can go on a walk with someone - a friend, or a spouse, etc. It doesn’t have to be “brisk.” You don’t have to beat yourself up because you slipped up.
  2. Give yourself a LOT of love. When we do these kinds of things, it’s because we’re not giving ourselves enough love, and because we are depriving ourselves. For this, I recommend that you FORGIVE yourself, and go take a hot bubble bath, or something fun you haven’t done in a long time… like reading a book, or playing a board game, or watching a favorite movie.
  3. Find a “diet” that is better tailored for you. People like us, who binge eat do NOT do well with restrictive diets like veganism. I know, I know, you’re trying to find a healthy diet, and that just sounds so awesome and healthy on paper, you think this is the best thing for you… But it is truly not. Restrictive diets feed onto the eating disorder cycle of dieting, feeling deprivation, binging, feeling guilt, and then dieting again. Your best bet is going to be simply to use your glucose meter to understand what your body does when you consume X amount of carbohydrates, and stick to the levels that don’t cause you grief. It is very, very hard to do a carb sensible diet on veganism, or vegetarianism, and while not impossible… I just don’t think this is the wisest choice for someone who binge eats… Because this WAS a binge eating episode… and like I said, restrictions feed into binging.
  4. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied, pay attention to your body when you’re doing it, and find ways to enjoy all your favorite food, and do not deny yourself anything: Either by making the foods yourself at home (ice cream and pizza, in lower carb versions), or by having a sensible portion. This is a change of lifestyle, and NOT a diet… It’s not a crazy “temporary deprivation” so that we lose weight or control our blood sugars… This is a way to learn to manage things, for life, the way everyone should… The skinny people, they often have half a donut, or half a cup cake… or they eat like 6 little meals in a day… There’s a reason for that. :slight_smile:
  5. Everyone binges every once in a while. There are ways in which we can manage our binges, learn from them… we can eat with awareness – why did I eat all of that: what was I feeling, thinking, rationalizing? And don’t punish yourself. Manage the binge as best you can, perhaps when parties come along… allow yourself 1 brownie, and a small slice of cake… and then MOVE on. Do not dwell on things. We only live once. Do not punish yourself with a strict diet, do not punish yourself by taking extra Metmorfin (which can be dangerous, and it doesn’t work anyway), and do not go on a crazy exercise mode right after… Just love, and be kind to yourself… and remember that tomorrow is another day, with a clean new slate.

I know this because I am in your same shoes… And I still eat burgers, and half cup cakes, and half scoops of ice cream, and super crispy crust pizzas, and my own versions of peach crumble cakes… etc. I’ve lost nearly 80 lbs, and my A1C is 5.5%. I know you can do it… Here’s a blog post I wrote a little while back on this whole deal: My BIG Diabetes Diet Secret. I know I am bold and honest with a lot of the things I say… and I hope I have not offended you in any way. I truly do hope this information is of help to you.


no problem!

Bold is good, saying it like it is works for me. Yes, I agree that diets are a four letter word in my book and I’ve been trying to combine what works best for me. I have lost all the weight I need and my BMI is 18. I find that eating smaller meals works for me as I get hungry around 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.
You said it very well, I have a tendency to “obsess” and this summer I have relaxed a bit as I haven’t had cake since 2008 (when I was diagnosed). I want to keep experimenting with foods, particularly with use of herbs and spices and right now I have been eating lots of “hot wings” with celery sticks.(good choice in a restaurant and usually the appetizer which serves as a meal to me). Thanks for honesty and I appreciate your thoughts as well as your blog!