Athlete with Type 1 diabetes makes U.S. Olympic Ski Team

This just in:
“Today, Kris Freeman, one of the country’s most elite cross-country skiers, was selected to compete as a part of the US Ski Team in the 2010 Olympic Games this February in Vancouver.

Diabetes has not kept Freeman from racking up titles throughout the season in one of the toughest endurance sports, thanks in part to the OmniPod System which he uses during manage his diabetes on and of the course.

Kris is a medal contender in all three cross-country skiing distance events and heads to Vancouver fully focused on winning the USA’s first Olympic cross-country skiing medal since Bill Koch’s silver in 1976 and the first ever cross-country Olympic medal for an athlete with diabetes.

Following is a link to the press release with more detail.

There is an opportunity to host a video conference through TuDiabetes with Kris once he returns from Vancouver. Please let me know if you can help us with the logistics. Contact me at manny AT diabeteshf DOT org.


I will root for Kris Freeman !!

Go, Kris!

Oh that’s so Great to hear. :smiley: Skiing takes a lot of mental and physical strength and energy, as do most Olympic Sports. Good for him. I hope that Kris wins also. The video conference should be interesting.

Now I’m wondering how many other Athletes who have Diabetes are participating in the Winter Olympics.