Kris Freeman Type 1 Pumper "Going for Gold" in four Cross County Events at Olympics in Sochi

Skiing an endurance event with diabetes is a challenge. But Kris Freeman's inspiring story proves anything is possible. I found out Kris and I have the same OmniPod Insulin Pump directly on the body, and Dexcom Glucose Sensor to manage our diabetes. At the Olympics in Sochi, you will see Kris Freeman in four races. Kris Freeman's Olympic cross county events:
• 2/9 Skiathlon 30 kilometer (finished 54th)
• 2/14 Classic 15 kilometer
• 2/16 Team Relay 4 x 10 kilometer
• 2/23 Skate 50 kilometer

See video showing his pump and sensor at:

For more details about how Kris manages his diabetes see