Kris Freeman This Morning on The Today Show

Kris Freeman, of Ski Olympics fame, was live on the Today Show this morning, and he was asked how his diabetes affects his sport… and he gave a very, very positive message: “The first thing I was told was that I couldn’t do anything, anymore… and I am here to prove them wrong. You can do anything with this disease.” It was very inspiring to see. :slight_smile:

i wish we could have seen it!

I know! I am hoping eventually, there will be some video of it up in YouTube!

You might want to check out the show D Life on MSNBC. For me, with Comcast in California it’s channel 58 at 4PM on Sundays. They frequently interview athletes and other people with both types of diabetes. The show has a very positive stance about living with diabetes.

Yeah, I discovered it a few weeks ago! :slight_smile: Still, it was nice to see, a very unexpected interview and positive spin on diabetes, this morning… and on a show millions of people watch. :slight_smile:

Let’s see if this works:

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Yay, Alison! :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the video. It’s Nice to see him live. He’s a Good Speaker. Again Best of Luck to Kris. We’ll cheer him when he gets his Silver. :smiley: