Automated insulin delivery update

The document below is a FANTASTIC update on automated insulin delivery landscape in the US and Internationally

Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) Competitive Landscape.pdf (93.9 KB)


I still think adding glucagon is going to entail a massive increase in the cost of pumping. Insulin is pricey enough, these days and glucagon has never been cheap.

Why have two CGM sensors? If one contradicts the other, which one does the system “believe” is correct? Seems like having 3 sensors would make more sense, by excluding any outlier and averaging the two sensor outputs that are closer together than the 3rd one.

Thanks for posting this helpful current summary of the emerging commercial closed-loop systems, @Mila. I appreciate your sharing these Close Concerns reports as many of us do not otherwise have access to them.

While the pace of delivering these systems may appear painfully slow to us, things are definitely speeding up. The 2019-2020 time-frame looks like it will witness Important developments from Tandem, Tidepool, Bigfoot, Insulet, Beta Bionics and others. Five years from now, I anticipate a much-improved diabetes technology landscape that will actually deliver a better quality of life to more people.

I found interesting this entry in the Tidepool portion of the document.

Observational study currently underway, enrolling 300-1,000 Loop users in Tidepool- and Jaeb-supported virtual trial Potentially faster path to market than Insulet’s Horizon (2H20 launch), per Insulet’s 3Q18 call.

I started participating last month in this Tidepool/Jaeb study for current do-it-yourself Loop users. I think the results are going to show that automated insulin dosing systems deliver better time in range, fewer hypos, and improved quality of life, all with less effort and attention from the person with diabetes. It’s nice to read that the Insulet/Tidepool Loop system may very well launch before the Horizon debut projected in the second half of 2020.

Exciting times.

Thanks, that’s super helpful. I’ve been trying to build flowcharts with all this information in it. :sweat:

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