Overview/comparison Of pump/looped systems 2020

Found this very interesting, covering Tandem, Medtronic and DYI/Loop. Was made 1 year ago so not totally up to date.

I started injections in 1965, only 1 lente shot in morning. This kept me alive, but the connection between high bg and complications was not made yet. Some speculated the same trigger on pancreas damage was affecting other organs (eyes, kidneys, etc).

In 1980s, I started primitive MDI using NPH and Regular injections (syringes, no pens!!). I think A1Cs were starting to be done.

In early 90s, (maybe 1992?) I got serious eye complications and doctors convinced me to try a pump. I think Medtronic 506 first, followed by 507, 508, 511, 512, 522, 523. Used Medtronics sof-sensors w/o integration, then switched to Dexcom Seven, G4, and now G6.
In 2020, I switched to Tandem CIQ, with Dexcom G6. Yeah!!! I’m finally looping with a “smart” pump/cgm integration!

I have followed the DYIers, and was happy to stay with the commercial pumps available. But very grateful of their determination and success. No doubt, they influenced Tandem and Medtronics to do better, sooner!!

We’ve come a long way!!


Yes we have come a long, long way. We live in a much better world and a better world is still coming. I am sure of it.

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I enjoyed this overview of the current (as of 2020) automated insulin dosing systems. I like that it covered Loop, the system I’ve been using since 2016. It’s great to see the commercial systems roll out and read what the users have to say about them.

From a Loop users’ perspective, the commercial systems seem timid in their adaptation of features, like dosing straight from the phone app, that Loop has been using for many years.

But then I need to remind myself that these commercial system must be built under the close supervision of the FDA and other regulatory agencies. The important thing is that these systems are now rolling out, much will be learned by both users and manufacturers, and future systems will get better.

Here’s a video of the latest commercial automated insulin pump to receive FDA approval, the Omnipod 5.