Automatically Put on Insulin if I become pregnant?

Hi all! I have been trying to conceive for 2.5 years and just was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this past January (had gestational diabetes with my son 4 years ago) so they suspect that to be the reason (other than my thyroid) for my infertility. After asking what would happen if I were to become pregnant my endo really scared me saying I would automatically be put on insulin (I am now controlled by diet&exercise only A1C6.0) which is a huge fear for me... he said I would have many injections a day and it would be a full time job and that type 2's are at a high risk of complications SOO after being told this I have stopped trying to become pregnant lol. I would really love to have more children but just adjusting to this new life as a diabetic has been VERY overwhelming for me. What were your personal experiences with your blood sugar after becoming pregnant? Any type 2s take metformin instead of insulin? Were you automatically put on insulin? etc. Any advice would be soo much very appreciated!!

I’m a type 2 who is usually on just a small dose of Metformin when I’m not prego.

But yes, when I got pregnant, they put me on insulin almost immediately because a lot of the time in the first few weeks your numbers are insane. Like, I was used to waking up at about 110 and was getting numbers in the 140-150 range.


I take 3 per day, but I was only on 2 for a long time to start with. First off, at least for me, my first shot is right when I get up and eat. So, no biggie - eat some peanut butter toast and a glass of milk and take my shot (and metformin). And then I don’t have to take another shot until I eat dinner at 7:00. So I never even have to take my pen with me unless we are going out to eat! :slight_smile: My newer third shot is one I take right before bed to avoid morning highs. Also, not a big deal.

Insulin needles are very thin. Lots thinner than the ones they use to draw your blood, and very short. Probably about the length of your pinky nail. I’d say about the 3rd of the time when I am sticking myself in my fatty spots (where you are supposed to go - your belly or hips) that area is not one of the main nerve spots in your body and you hardly feel it. I’m not saying you NEVER feel it - but sometimes I’m amazed at the fact that I stuck myself without even feeling it.

It sounds to me like your doctor really doesn’t know much about diabetes and is kinda freaked out by it. Yes, I have to go to a high risk OB - but unless you are letting your sugars go out of control (6 is not out of control) then you are kinda just like everyone else. They don’t have me on bed rest or anything like that. And my first daughter that I had gestational diabetes with turned out just fine as well.

I think I would maybe see if you could get a consultation with a high risk doctor that has experience with this and see if that makes a difference.

Sorry - I didn’t mean to imply that your endo didn’t know anything about diabetes (duh, of course he does) but he may not be familiar with pregnancy + diabetes since he is not an OB.

Also, I believe the majority of the insulin is done in pen form these days and it is SO easy. You don’t even have to keep your current pen cold anymore. You just grab it, shake it, dial in the amount because it’s pre-loaded, stick it, and push the button. Super easy.

I HATE NEEDLES - but I got over doing this really, really, really fast. Like by the third time I was totally fine with it.

Hi there,

Well, I was on 2000mg of metformin a day before I got pregnant and had it very well controlled (A1c ~6-6.2). The day I got pregnant, I was put on insulin. I take 5 shots per day and they’re not as bad as they sound. I take 2 in the morning with breakfast (an intermediate acting called Humulin or NPH and a fast acting called Novolog), one with lunch (the fast acting - Novolog) and again 2 with dinner (the Humulin and the Novolog). The insulin comes in a pen format and so you just dial it to the dose you need and then inject. Basically, it’s better for the baby if you’re on insulin than on metformin. Although, my endo and OB did mention that there’s a pill I could take during the 3rd trimester. Personally, after the first few weeks, I got used to the injections and I don’t think I’ll transition over to the pills in 2 months (I’m 4 months pregnant right now).

The only difference is that if you’re currently using diet and exercise alone, you may be ok at least initially but the blood glucose levels they want you at 1 hour and 2 hours post meal are much more strict than those of a diabetic who is not pregnant. My docs recommendations are even tighter than the ADA (I’m supposed to be no higher than 120 mg/dL one hour after the meal and no more than 90 mg/dL 2 hours after the meal). Using these guidelines and the insulin my A1c was 5.0 at my 3 month visit.

Hope that helps you out. Just know that it’s not as scary or bad as it sounds and in the end, it’s what’s best for the baby right? To be honest, the regular pregnancy issues :nausea, cravings/aversions, running to the restroom, etc. are WAY worse than any of the diabetes treatments I have to handle.

Good luck to you.

So you were only taking 2 shots a day while pregnant and taking metformin? I could do that… to be honest my big fear of insulin is because I have a fear of hypos lol. Did you experience a lot of those??

What doctor are you seeing? Is it an Endocrinologist? If not get to one. Congrats on the great A1C. Thats something to be proud of.

As for taking insulin while pregnant. I found out I was diabetic when I became pregnant. I was put on insulin at 6 weeks as well as diet. I was an emotional wreck to say the least. You are ahead of the game because you know all of this already. Don’t let any of this discourage you from becoming pregnant again. Going on insulin & taking shots is not a horrible thing at all. Talk with your doctor more. Find out all you can & go from there.

You can do this. You are already ahead of the game by having great A1C. Good luck.

I’m at 32 weeks right now - and the baby is 100% fine. And for myself, I’ve had to be so aware of what I eat in order to keep my 1 hour levels good (135 or lower) that I have only gained 5 pounds so far. Yes, that’s correct - 32 weeks and only gained 5 pounds. I’ve asked my doc several times if that was okay and they said because a) I get horrible morning sickness, b) I was considerably overweight to start (+50), and c) because I have to watch my sugars so close - that not gaining a ton of weight is really common for diabetics.

Right now I am taking 3 shots each day. One in the AM, one at dinner, and one before bed. I have had my share of drops - but as long as I know what they feel like and I have something in the house to fight it, then I am fine

Just last night I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t eat all my dinner. But when I checked my blood I was at 78 - pretty low for after dinner. So I checked it again after another hour and it was 48 - yikes, but fixable. Drank some juice and had a small bowl of cereal (which normally totally spikes my blood, but good to get it back up fast) and then I was fine at 110 before bed.

If it’s your first time on insulin, they don’t start you out on a mega dose anyhow. I’m at 40 in the morning now, but I think I started out at like 10 units.

Also one of the other girls mentioned that she was on 5 shots - sounds bad, but its not. I lucked out and they make a pen that has the right mix of the two levels of insulin that I need. Some people need more of one or the other, so they have to use two pens instead of one - but still not a big deal.

Do I wish I was off insulin? Sure, I’m not going to lie and say its fun or anything - but honestly it is about 500x easier than I ever imagined it would be.

Wow thanks so much for all of the wonderful feedback it means SO much to me as I am trying to get up the courage to start trying to conceive again. Congrats on your pregnancies what a beautiful blessing! :slight_smile:
How many times a day are you guys having to check your BG with your numbers having to be that strict? I’m already a compulsive tester about 6-8 times a day lol I cannot imagine how many times I would test if I were on insulin!! I guess hypos are still my biggest fear tho…I wonder if you can get a pump just for pregnancy lol

I check mine 4 times is all -
Once in the AM for fasting
One hour after meals

That’s it for me unless I am feeling “off”.

I was on metformin when I became pregnant and they did put my on insulin right away. Of course I did not like it but really it was not a total nightmare. I started taking it once a day, then moved to three times a day, but then I had a miscarriage so it stopped there, but really it was not that bad and it did not hurt.

I liked the shot better then the pen for sure.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss that must have been devastating for you! Thanks so much for your response!! Did they say your miscarriage had anything to do with your diabetes??(sorry if too personal) Because I was warned about that by my OB when discussing inferility treatments with diabetes.

they said there is nothing to prove why I had a miscarriage, it is just one of those things that happens, but for me this was my second one in 6 months, so was hoping they could tell me something. They did say my age, weight having type 2 and high blood pressure are factors against me.