Pump VS Multiple Daily Injections During Pregnancy

I am new to insulin and am currently TTC my second child, I am currently on humalog and levemir very small doses (only 2 units levemir and 10:1 carb ratio humalog) and am wondering if I should transfer to a pump before becoming pregnant.
What was your experience? Did you use a pump or MDIs during pregnancy?

Hi! I will be honest, I could not have gotten through pregnancy without my pump… there are so many days when your blood sugar will just be wacky for no apparent reason and adjusting the basal rates with the pump is very helpful. I starting using the pump 6 months before I got pregnant so I was able to get used to it… chose the Animas one touch ping and was very happy with it. Take care, Kris

I used a Medtronic Paradigm 722 for my first pregnancy, then went back to injections for the past year and planning to go back on the pump when we start TTC in the next few months. I agree completely with Kristina. For me, pregnancy with diabetes was made much easier thanks to the pump and the daily modifications I could make.

It is true that every woman and every pregnancy is different but it seems to be very common for women to switch to the pump when TTC. If your insurance will cover it, I definitely recommend it.

Best of luck in whatever you choose!

Hi! I was pumping for about 2 years before getting pregnant. I was on Lantus and humulog shots before then and was doing o.k but he pump changed my life. I’m about 26 week pregnant now and LITERALLY cannot even imagine having to control my blood sugars with shots alone. My insulin needs have skyrocketed yet my A1c’s have not gone past 6.4 since being pregnant and thats thanks to how easily changes can be made. MY endo looks at my logs, does some calculations, I put it in the pump and I’m ready to roll. I would highly reccomend getting on the pump before getting pregnant that way you can get use to it a little bit. It’s a lifesaver!

Hi -

I am actually not of fan of using a pump. I am just beginning my 3rd trimester. I take apidra and lantus and during pregnancy so far, my A1c has been between 5.6 - 5.8. I do take many shots per day, but I still prefer this over having another device stuck to me 24/7, particularly being my A1Cs are good without it. I do, however, use a Dexcom (CGM) and always keep it on me, which in my opinion, has been far more helpful in keeping blood sugars controlled than a pump.

I feel like you always hear about how great pumps are but rarely hear from people like me who have compared taking shots using a CGM, verses using a pump with or without CMG, and found that a pump was not helpful in maintaining a better A1C.

I think preference basically depends on if you prefer wearing another device so you can easily dose and change doses, or if you prefer taking many shots a day so you don’t have to wear (and be bothered by) another device - but with either choice you can have good control. It’s probably a good idea for you to try to out a pump before you actually become pregnant so you can see which you like best for yourself (and regardless if you use a pump or not, I definitely recommend a CGM!)

I agree. I was on a pump for 3 years. Not only was I allergic to the catheters, but the pump malfunctioned on me and sent me into Dka 4 times in one year. My A1c increased by 2% while on the pump. I’m much more controlled using Apidra and Levemir.

Congrats on your pregnancy! We find out the sex of our baby next week! 19 weeks.

Well my plan kinda is similar to yours, I want a CGM more than anything, I really have no interest in the pump considering all the problems and malfunctions I read about. The only thing good thing I see about the pump is when it comes to morning sickness, etc. Did you have a lot of problems in reguards to that?

Thanks for the reply, def see that there are some advantages to the pump. Congrats on your pregnancy!

Thanks for the replies ladies, and congrats on your sucessful and current d pregnancies!!

I have never used a pump and not sure I would want to. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd kiddo. 19 weeks!!! mY a1c as I got pregnant was 8.2 or so…I started insulin at 4 weeks I had my a1c checked again when I was 17 weeks or so and I was 5.1. I like being able to control when I take the injections and how much I take. I do take a lot of insulin but it will be all worth it in the end :slight_smile:

I’m 19 weeks too!!! My first baby. Congrats on yours!!
Are they having you deliver early? My gyno asked that I deliver at 37 weeks instead of full term. I counted out the weeks, and that would put my due date at June 20th?

I agree that not enough people actually try the tight control with shots to compare with the pump. I do plan on trying going back to MDI after we are done with pregnancy.

For me, the best feature of the pump (that is hard to recreate with MDI) is the different basal rates at different times of the day. Some people’s basal needs do not vary much by time of the day. Others vary dramatically! I think that the pump is much more important for the latter group.

I used to think that my basal needs were pretty stable, but after a lot of careful tweaking, it is clear that they are not. At some times of the day, I need 3 times more basal insulin than at other times of the day. I could reproduce this by taking an extra bolus everyday at those times when I need extra, but I found this feature of the pump useful in pregnancy so far.

Good point Kristin!