Autumn Birthday Poem

At my October birthday time, 2010, I sat on my patio looking at my yard of trees with changing, colorful leaves. I thought, That's a poem. I wrote down my thoughts and posted them here in comments. Yesterday I was reading and rereading the poems in this Group, and discovered to my surprise that my poem had disappeared. Here is a second posting at Christmas time; outside, snow is covering those bare tree limbs and birds are decorating the yard and feeders.

Autumn Birthday

The earth is turning,

leaves are rust and blazing colors,

the season has turned to autumn.

The rusty brown leaves are falling.

I sit in the sunny chill of the day,

my mind turning inwards--

thinking of what?

Is my mind as rusty as the leaves?

Maybe not, just postponing thought,

not checking my meter,

not checking my pump,

not thinking of Diabetes or other

changing, returning ailments

like Diabetes.

The golden sun shimmers behind scarlet leaves

as I consider the renewal of life.

Lovely,thanks for sharing

Thanks, Sohair. A perfect illustration.

Absolutely Fabulous! Thanks for sharing:-)

Hi, Walnut. Thanks so much for your comment. Birthdays…