Winter Wreath

Winter Wreath

In autumn we collect our pine cones,
gather our firewood,
steal tiny branches of red Winter Berries from the pheasants.

In winter
I'll make my wreaths of pine cones and wine corks.
I'll rock and watch my fireplace burn,
smile as the flames sputter from the pitch
and solemnly drink my red wine.

Give the red drop, see the backlit numbers...

Nights I will dream,
free of the sputters of dawn phenomena.

by Trudy, inspired by Lotsofshots and Peetie

Thanks Trudy. It's beautiful. Cheers!

Thanks very much for your replies and nice words, Judith and Joanne. Cheers to you both!

Hi Lots, welcome to The Poetry Club and thanks for the great wreath. Cheers!

In winter
I will hug tight my dreams
my shivering
and .....
sleep till Spring

You are a great poet my dear Trudy

And I do love your poetry, Sohair. Thank you.