Avastin injection - reassurance please!

I’ve just been to eye clinic this morning and they are going to send me an appointment to have an Avastin injection in my left eye. I have had extensive laser but I now have fluid near the centre of the eye so they do not want to laser as it is too close to the centre.

So I have to have Avastin instead.

For those of you who have had this, is it ok?
Have you had any side effects?
Did your vision improve?
Was the treatment temporary or permanent?

Also I heard that it can make blood sugars rise for up to a week afterwards, is that correct?? If this happened to you, how much by??

I am really scared of them sticking a needle in my eye, so I’d really like to know it is going to be ok.

I am in the UK and on a pump but still have pretty poor control.


I’ve never had these injections. This would scare me a bit too. But I do feel better when I know more about things. We had a retina specialist come talk to our group last year. He has lots of information on his site, including discussions of Avastin, injections, how it works and even about pain during the procedure. He is very positive about the procedure and quite sensitive to his patients. Perhaps you could read more about it to help allay your fears. I hope that helps. You will need to be brave, you just need to do this. But also be optimistic, from what I understand, this procedure works quite well.

My mother gets eye injections for “wet” macular degeneration. They saved her sight. She seems to tolerate it OK.

I just had a Lucentis injection about 7 weeks ago - similar drug to Avastin. I had no side effects from it. I’m not sure the extent of fluid in your eye but the leaking in mine was caught very early so the 1 injection was sufficient so far. It was also caught early enough that I had no change in my vision so I can’t comment on any improvements, sorry. The injection itself although unpleasant, doesn’t hurt at all and is over quickly. They apply much anesthetic to the eye prior to the injection. You will have 2 days of discomfort but after that my eye was fine. If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to ask. And best of luck to you!!

I have had these injections 3 times. I experienced some discomfort, but no pain. It is a strange sensation getting a shot in the eye though. It did take a couple days to get back to “normal” the first time, but my eyes were a mess. The other two times I was fine the next morning.

And yes, they did help a lot. I had laser after the first and third injections and go in this Wednesday for a follow up. During this time I have also been able to keep my A1c in the 5.5 range. I desperately want to save my eyesight.

The other thing my retinologist did was give me an RX for Nevanek drops, 3x per day. This has also helped immensely.

I am more than glad to answer any questions you have, just ask.