Avastin - Eye clinic appointment

So I went to eye clinic today. The consultant is really nice and explains everything thoroughly but today I was informed he wants to stick a needle IN MY EYE!!! To give me Avastin for fluid in the retina. I’ve had extensive laser and he can’t do any more of that because the leak is too near the centre of my vision.

Has anyone had this done? Apparently Avastin isn’t licensed but they still use it here in the UK, as the licensed version is too expensive for the NHS to buy!!

But he also said it might only last a few months, so is it worth doing?

I am completely squeamish when it comes to my eyes, so the thought of a needle being stuck in one of them makes me want to cry.



Avastin (bevacizumab) is a human monocloncal antibody targetted against vascular endothelial growth factor. Treatment with bev prevents the body from making new blood vessels and helps to normalize (vascular pruning) atypical blood vessels. Think about a bush and trimming off the excess branches where you don’t want it to grow. Since in diabetic neuropathy the bloods vessels can swell, leak and proliferate abnormally I’m guessing he is attempting to stop this from happening. Bev has a half-life about 6 weeks, so the few months thing is right on track. There is peer-reviewed published literature (here, here, here and here showing that it is safe and effective at stopping the neovascularization, but will more will not restore eyesight.

Good Luck,

SuFu, PhD

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Thanks SuFu
I feel better about it now.