I had a hemorrhage in my ‘good’ eye back in November. This one is not clearing up. I’m seeing zillions of speckles despite a few rounds of laser. Next step is supposed to be Avastin. I’m just wondering if anyone has any info or comments on how this usually works. I have a hubby with a new cancer diagnosis right now, and the dr. is not suggesting vitrectomy. Since things are so stressful around here, the less invasive the better, but the Avastin route is new to me so I’m just starting to research it.

You might get a second opinion from another eye doctor. Do your research on legit web sights. Hope all works out to you and your husband.

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I’ve had Avastin injections to reduce swelling in the macula due to retinopathy in conjunction with laser. It worked to reduce the swelling quite well for over 2 years. I’ve now moved on to Eylea as Avastin no longer works for me.

The injections were not as bad as I had feared. There was some pain each time, but numbing gel and drops were used and the injection itself was over very fast.

I also had a large bleed following vitrectomy and it took over six weeks to clear. It’s one of the risks.


My surgeon is so good. She’s done a wonderful job for many years, and even calls me at home to check on me. I’m glad she wants to try this more than surgery. My hubby has a tumor behind his eye, so we are the house of eye issues lately…

I’m a big chicken so good if it isn’t too bad…

I have had injections of Lucentis which is a similar medication. I was told in the beginning that I would need four injection. These turned into many more injections without any explanation why. I finally dumped this eye doctor because I felt he had deceived me from the beginning. The injections did work for me, it was the deception that got my goat.

I wrote about my experience after my first injection, Below is a link to what I wrote, I hope it helps

Cross My Heart and Hope

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I have had both Lucentis and Avastin injections; however, Eylea injections were the most effective.


I’ve had Avastin injections on and off in both eyes for several years now, and they have been super effective at keeping things stable. These days I usually do an injection and wait and monitor and only do a follow-up one if I get a new bleed (usually tiny). That leads to my having one every 3-8 months or so. This is a plan my retina specialist feels comfortable with given that he says he generally prefers doing fewer injections and because he knows I come in regularly for follow-ups and am good at coming in sooner if I notice any changes. My goal at this point is to keep managing my retinas like this for as long as possible—I doubt I’ll ever get to a point of no injections, but am hoping to avoid a vitrectomy. Also a bunch of new injectables are in the works that could make things even better.

Also, the idea of an eye injection sounds scary, but it’s really not nearly as bad as at it seems. Expect the eye to feel irritated for up to the rest of the day, but by the next day, should feel ok.


Very helpful. Thank you. My next visit is in early March and I think that is the next step. Like you, I go in if I have a need, otherwise she usually goes every three to six months for visits. I cannot understand why this time, things have not settled and then with this dreadful speckles problem, I really cannot see to drive. Usually the speckles go away, this time no, and it’s been since November. Three or so rounds of laser already. I really do appreciate everyone’s input.

Same for me. I didn’t find the injections painful. The eye dilation given prior to images is just as bad for me, and lasts all day. This often causes a severe, migraine headache where I’m vomiting, so I always ask for the weakest, possible dilation solution.

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Also, ask the nurse/tech to thoroughly rinse your eye after the injection. Any disinfecting solution left in the eye can be very irritating.

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Friday. Avastin injection appointment. She wanted me to have a cataract out in my other eye but I need to get my right eye to quit leaking little blood leaks (which I can see) all day long. I have been seeing speckles since my bleed in November. Never have they lasted this long. Usually the laser halts things and I get my vision back. Not this time. I only drive around the block and am getting a little bit crazy from staying home all the time. I hope this works.

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My retinologist requested I have my cataract removed so he could see in better.

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I guess I have one in each eye. She wanted me to have the one out in the other eye instead of trying Avastin. Which would leave me with two eyes undergoing something. I reminded her we have not taken care of the first problem yet, so will have that injection tomorrow. Hopefully it will take care of these small leaks I am still seeing (since November).?!?

Eye injection was not too bad, but yes the feeling in that eye all day was sort of yucky and probably due to all the disinfectant etc. I am still waking up with w:roll_eyes: wisps of stuff. Not real red fresh looking but things still not totally clear. And the darn speckles or coffee grounds i see are in no way gone. I have another visit scheduled in early May. I may need another injection I guess???

Avastin won’t get rid of the stuff that has already leaked into the eye. That will just take time to settle to the bottom of the eye and eventually clear out—apparently the older you are, the more viscous the vitreous and the longer that takes. What Avastin may do is prevent new bleeds from occurring, so if you aren’t getting new/fresh-looking bleeds (new ones look very distinct to me, initially like super sharp/dark lines and then they blur out), it’s probably working, and you may just have old blood that needs to clear.

The streaks seem lessened, and are not red or dark. Hopefully I am on my way. I need to get back to driving and seeing! Thanks for the reply!

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