Avoid Exercise before Blood Work?

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Does anyone know whether exercise in the two days before blood work (A1C and c-peptide) will make the results inaccurate?

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Exercise won't affect the A1c, but your c-peptide may be affected by exercise. In particular, exercise can result in your being more insulin sensitive and this may result in a lower c-peptide during certain circumstances.

ps. Exercise can adversely affect microalbumin tests, so you should avoid exercise for at least 48 hours before a urine microalbumin test.

I avoid Exercise ALL the time, so it's not an Issue for me
I test Enough ( 8-10x day) to Be very close to knowing what my A1c's are
and those Are not Important to me anyway.. Seeing as they are always in the High 5%-Low 6% range.. It's how many Hypo's and Hypers that I watch the most
and My Blood Tests ( every 4 mos)? What everything else is.. Kidney.Liver, Cholesterol, etc.. and watching that BP..

Thanks, bsc! I knew that you would know the answer!


Thanks, Dennis. Your first line made me laugh!