I exercise and BG levels are up significantly?

I’ve been recently diagnosed with type 2 (October 28,2010) My A1C was 7.6 and my fasting was 230. My PCP first diagnosed T2 and then I went to an Endo for a second opinion and he confirmed the bad news. My PCP spent all of 2 minutes with me, wrote a RX for Medforman, a meter, strips and the wrong lancets and left the building. Like all of you I was devistated. I told the Endo that I would like to do everything possible to get this under control without meds. I started a strict low carb diet (Atkins) and am exercising at a club three times a week. I’ve got my fasting down to an average of 140 - I know that is still to high but I’m working on it. I’m keeping a log of what I eat. Sometimes I test withing normal range but if I test after exercise I test high - today it was 162. I ate lunch at noon and I tested at 5PM before dinner. This seems to happen when ever I test after exercise. Does this happen to anyone else? I’m very frustrated - but I am very thankful for this site - you have given me a lot of good information.

I often find that exercise causes my blood sugar to rise. There are a variety of reasons that this happens, exercise can cause a rise in hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. It can deplete you circulating insulin levels and cause your liver to produce glucose. In either case, most people find that while their blood sugar might rise during and immediately after exercise, it generally drops within an hour and after exercise, your blood sugar is generally better controlled. In fact, there is research that indicates that exercise causes your body to become markedly more insulin sensitive.

Don't fret too much about the exercise induced blood sugar, in fact, don't test immediately after exercise. Test later and see how you are doing. My bet is that on days you exercise, you find your blood sugar is generally better later in the day.

Thank you Alfred E Newman:) Again - I am so thankful for this site.


Yup. Exercise, and particularly the type of exercise, the time of the year during the exercise, and my level of hydration and whether or not I had a proper snack before exercise will raise my blood sugar.

1. Very intense, or aerobic exercise.

2. The heat of Summer, if I am walking.

3. Not having enough electrolytes or water in me at the time of exercise, so that I become dehydrated.

4. Having borderline lowish blood sugar before exercising, and not having a snack before exercising.

This being said... very intense exercise may raise my blood sugar immediately afterward, but it gives me great numbers throughout the day, and better fasting numbers... So I consider it worth it for the long term.

Thank you Queen - another helpful support person with this insidious disease.

Also, if your numbers are really high… like past 250 or so… DO NOT EXERCISE. This can increase further dehydration, lead to the body quickly dumping ketones, and some serious problems… that could land you in the hospital. :confused:

It has definitely happened to me. If you drink a lot of water after exercise, your blood glucose will level out more quickly.

Thanks Donna - I will follow your lead.