Awaiting pump

well im still waiting for insurance to move their butts and approve me been almost a month now and almost a week on appeal and no word yet on my appeal i never had so many problems getting a pump before im guessing they made it a more harder task to get a pump arghhh insurance companies i hate them

Andrew, don’t let up for a second, call the insurance company daily until they get this resolved. If you have full support from the doctor (he or she wants you on the pump) then by all means, keep on them!

I agree. Keep at it. I think they do require a little more these days bc really pumps were being paid for left and right and as soon as you had new insurance you could get another without anyone ever checking when the last paid for and our system is soo broken that now they are going overboard. However I see both sides. In the end they will see that you need one and will pay for it. Just do not give up b/c that is what they want. They figure if the pts quits after round 3 then they saved money. You can do it!!! Good luck!

yea i havent heard back from my animas rep yet hoping shes busy busting my insurance. But ill keep trying to reach her