So I am “waiting for authorization” to get my pump. I feel like I am being super impatient but I really hate MDI and I have never been good at waiting. Is there anything I can do to help the process along?

Have your pump company do the footwork. When I got my pump, Animas contacted my insurance and actually went to my doctor's office and put the form in front of him to sign. The pump company is motivated to make it happen!

Sorry, I can't help...I filled out the online form at Medtronic the day my doc and I agreed to go on the pump. They called me the following day and asked some clarifying questions. Two days later they faxed the Statement of Medical Necessary to my doctor's office. The following day I got a call from Medtronic...told me my pump would arrive in three days.

I was amazed, because my stupid insurance company has a really crappy reputation for pump 'approvals'. They cut a check for over $8,500 without a single question!

I have to go through a distributer that my insurance assigns. I know from when I worked in a group home that this distributer (edgepark) is kind of slow and difficult. I also feel like I am stalking them for as much as I am calling.