The waiting... is the hardest part

Saw the endo yesterday. We all agreed that a pump is the best solution for me and suprisingly we also all agreed on which pump to get. So I have contacted the nice people at Animas about getting an animas ping! ( I personally feel that ping should always follow up with an exclamation mark)

But now I have to wait for the animas people to put together my file, send it to my insurance company, have my insurance company review it, etc before they decide to either approve me or not.

I hate waiting, I hate not knowing, I hate having this disease… and well, apparently I hate quite a lot of things.

but the waiting… oh- the hardest part!

Will keep you guys posted about what happens. How long did you guys wait, if at all? Anyone else here on a Ping!?

Congrats on the quick decision! I think you’ll love!

I waited about 1-2 months for insurance approval. People’s experience really varies though!!

I’m very interested to hear the rest of your story about getting your pump. Yesterday, my endo recommended that I start on a pump. Today I have spent alot of time on this site snooping around about pumping…

I ended up with a animas ping. I love the pump and remote combo but am still adjusting the various levels. I appear to be one of the few people who actually have LOW blood sugar with stress, and I am writing my PhD thesis and also preparing to graduate so the stress is ON! as a result I am needing less and less insulin becuase I am having more lows. but even with this, the pump is fantastic. I feel like I have so much more control over my blood sugars. It’s actually really empowering.

don’t be sad
i have a great insurance that covers diabetes from A to Z,a country that gives medication for free
yet,i have been waiting for 9 months to convince my endo to let me pump,which she is going too as far as i know from my last appointment
don’t worry,things get better =)