Back on Symlin

Well my dr. and I decided to drop Symlin when I started pumping. First 4 months were great, no real bad after meal spikes. Since Sat I have seen numbers in the 200’s and upwards. I saw him Mon we adjusted a few things, obviously not working, so tonight when I paged him and I told him I was in the 400’s we decided that Symlin was going to be back on just to see if that would help the after meal spikes. It makes sense cause it did again, but I am so not looking forward to the throwing up I experienced last time I started taking it. So we are starting out at 60 mcg’s and working up to the 120. I am also premedicating with either promethazine or zofran 30 min. before taking the Symlin.

Good luck with this Cody. I have been off of it for about a month… I really would not want to go back on it… but we do what we need to do to be healthy, right?

I don’t want to go back on it, but it makes it easier knowing that I have access to promethazine and zofran at my disposal.

After seeing my endo yesterday, I started back on symlin this morning, but am doing it for breakfast only. Wearing the Dex I have been seeing my post bkfst morning numbers go quite high, so was willing to give it another try. It has been about 9 months since I’ve been on it, and I was on it a couple years. Like you, it made me super nauseous, and I am hoping not to go through that again. Did you experience that, or do you think your body knew what it was? I know you also took the other medication, but I don’t really want to put anymore meds in me!

I experience and still do on occasion. I just keep meds on handy if I need them. For about 3 weeks after starting it back up it bothered me.

Hi Cody! Have you been giving your bolus about 15-20 minutes before eating? This got rid of post-meal highs for me (without Symlin). I’m interested in perhaps trying Symlin, but the post-meals seem to be in control if I bolus 15 minutes before for 30-45g. Higher than that and I still see the post-meal highs!

I usually bolus 30 minutes before a meal, my posts meal highs aren’t as bad as they used to be doing that way, I am also cutting back on the Symlin again to see if I can get off of it.