Symlin & pumping

I am just wondering what kind of bolusing has been successful for other pumpers. I am trying Symlin for the ump-teenth time again-lol- I really want it to work but notice that it seems to actually push me UP even with my previous I:CHO ratio. When I started it a few months ago I had trouble with delayed highs that didn’t respond to my corrections. It was frustrating to say the least. I have tried all sorts of bolus combos including spreading the dose over 2-3 hours. It was about 3 -4 hours when I would spike and not want to come down. I have heard of others doing an extended bolus but not bolusing until anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour after the start of the meal. Obviously everybody is different but just looking for ideas. The label instructions didn’t work at all for me. (: I have talked to a Symlin “specialist” (aka an endo in NJ who uses a lot of Symlin) via Amylin but didn’t learn anything new from him. I think I can get the hang of it but one thing I didn’t like was the “unpredictability” of my BGs. I saw some BGs in the 20s with Symlin when first starting a few months ago- this was BEFORE I would even bolus and I was taking my Symlin with the first bite of food. I almost wonder if I could have some gastroparesis going on that is exacerbated by the Symlin. Any Symlin Success advice is welcome (:
I also wanted to add that I’ve tried MANY “off-label” things, including switching back to MDI and wearing Symlin alone in the pump, and even mixing Symlin and my insulin (it was Humalog, now am using Novolog) in my pump. I KNOW it is not conventional and not recommended b/c of the different pH values, but I did it anyway after hearing about it from some other pumpers (: