Bad day

Actually, was having a good day. Then my BG shot up to 320! I gave myself a bolus and waited. Then it was 383. Now it’s 427 and I pulled my pod off to discover it’s very infected at the site. Red and puffy…itchy! A hard knot under my skin. And the tube was kinked. Ouch. Hope it goes down soon.

Pumps aren’t perfect. In principle and most practices they are a great tool to manage your diabetes. I have been using a pump for nine years. I have experienced bent cannula, inflammation at the set sight and my quick set has disconnect from the post. These problems lead to elevated BG. Changing your set location should bring your Bg back down to earth. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience.

Hey hun, keep ur chin up. Tomorrow will be a better day. We all hit bumps in the road. Take care = )

haha, very funny, Danny! Oh I wasn’t bitching…oh well maybe a bit :wink: it’s good to hear that you’ve been on the pump for 9 years, Pat. I was wondering if maybe some of you think having the pod on for less days then it recommends might help . Seems like after the 3 day I’m toast. And it wants 4.

does anyone put the omnipod on the back of their arm? it seems a huge and very noticeable thing there! haha!

I put the pod on the back of my arm and for me it’s one of the least noticeable places. lol I have to get it in just the right spot (and miss it sometimes) closer to my back.

You mentioned day 4 . . . and I thought that pods were good for 72 hours (three days). Could that be part of the problem?

And . . . I hear you about bad days. Sometimes it just stinks.

it tells me when it’s out of insulin and that’s usually 3-4 days. but my body seems to want to reject it after max 3 days-sometimes 2!