Good Days and Bad Days

I k ow know and beginning to understand what other people in forums and blogs have said about having good days and Bad days.

I was lucky that for the past week they were all god days till today.
Have had no pain or issues, Got great information in finding this Forum site
Great helpful friends that have been in this journey for a long ti e.

Had a massively lower A1c,
Got started on a CGM that I think will be great for me.

Then the tide turned
Last night I rolled on to the CGM site and had massive low readings on the CGM and High on the BG level.

Seems now I must have damage the Infusion site.
Noticed as the day went on my numbers were abnormally high

and then this evening I had a lot of blood at the Infusion site. Blood leaking, then ...
When I removed i I had my fist 'Gusher". Blood everywhere !
Got scared but it stopped in a few minutes of pressure and not worrying based on experiences
in the forums

Then I put in a new Infusion set and it must be on a location that is sensitive as I can feel it.
The dull ache type of pain.

Noticed after the fact that I cleaned the area but forgot the IVPrep

Sorry for the ramblings but it helps me as I feel slight depression sometimes as my wife just cannot deal with needles, blood etc an so she shy's away from discussion on this issues. When I told her about the gusher her comment was "what did I do wrong ?" Jut want to cry so that is why this blog entry

Going ot rest tonight and hopefully tomorrow will bring a bright and positive day.

Wallskev, I am on a pump like you and a type 2 like you so we share some of the same issues. I have had the same issues with infusion sites and just work through it. I know it’s expensive when you have to throw one away and it’s pretty scary with those gushers too. Hope you have a better tomorrow and I will check in on you from time to time.