Bad Dex sensor?

Howdy folks,

So I changed my Dex sensor this morning. The previous on had been on for 22 days and had started to be a little too “flat.” It wasnt keeping up with the finger stick readings albeit the fluxuations were small.

So after I put the new set on it read “???” for about 1.5 hours then seemed to pick up the trail again. The readings though were verry low. The Dex has been active for about 6 hours now and has read from 44-78 all the while Ive been 89-101 via finger stick. So about 20 minutes ago it went back to “???.” Can anyone explain what the hell is going on with this thing?

Oh, the site is on my belly opposit where it was for the 22 days prior.I calibrated 2x when it came online as I fingersticked 98 and the Dex said 58.

Thanks for any input.

The first day is always crazy with the dexcom. Support told me to not calibrate it more than every 15 mins. So the first day I calibrated it every hour. Also that ??? symbol will go away after the first few hours, it happens at the beginning as the sensor is getting used to your body.

THanks Rich. It freaked out for a bit and has been screwy most of the day, but now seems to be coming together. The “???” had happened earlier when I changed sensors, but then happened again this afternoon. The nice part is that its prooved to me I can keep the ultra tight control with just finger pricks and a little less OCD. =^)