Hi all
I am now on Day 5 using my Dex and I have been loving it.

However today I got ??? at 10.30am and apart from about 20 minutes at lunchtime I have had ??? for the last 6 hours.

Is this something that happens? Can it last that long. I know when I first inserted the sensor it took about 8 hours to start working properly.

Or is the sensor packing up after only 5 days?

Any thoughts appreciated
Thanks in advance

There are good sensors and not so good sensors. I recently pulled a sensor after 4 hours of ???. I had been using this sensor for 3 days only. This was very unusual. Typically I use my sensors for 12 days and don’t see ??? at all. I pull sensors after 12 days because the sensor will eventually fail and I don’t want to be away from home when it happens. My sensors have all started up after 2 hours. Try different sites if this continues to happen to you.

Other than long periods of ??? at night before I learned to keep the receiver in bed with Caleb rather than leave it on the nightstand, we rarely have them and when we do, they last only a matter of minutes, not hours. I think DexCom will ask you to wait three hours before deeming the sensor an issue.

I once read that being dehydrated can also cause ???.

Thanks everyone. It appears to have come back to life about an hour ago after 7 hours of ???. I have had rather swinging bgs including a lot of highs today. This probably confused it. Going to leave it a bit longer before I eat and throw it into another panic!!!

I did the same thing. I was nhigh after breakfast and waited to eat lunch. Normally I would not have waited. I think seeing the numbers and graphs going up…up…up make me a better diabetic…:slight_smile:

Well the Dex was fine overnight but at 10.30 this morning I again got ??? and have had it ever since, that’s two and a half hours and counting. If it isn’t back in an hour I’m calling the Dexcom rep here in the UK. It is very frustrating!!!

You are being very patient. I imagine this is resolved by now, but I think the sensor is an issue.

Well it is all very odd. I called Dex yesterday but got an answer phone and they didn’t call me back.

After having the same issue AGAIN today, i called again and it seems it is probably the site as the sensor works perfectly overnight. If I’m sleeping or sitting watching TV the sensor is fine but as soon as I get up and start moving about it can’t read the signals!!! Which is ridiculous. As it is not the sensor they won’t replace it. I have just had the alarm for the end of seven days so have started the same sensor again and will have to wait 2 hours for it to start up again. I shall just have to keep very still, Hahahah. I think i will leave this one in and if i have trouble again in the morning I will change it and see what happens then.

If sensors are only going to work on me for 5-6 days I’m not going to be able to afford it as I am funding myself. £400 a month is just unworkable!!