Bad News

Hello everyone this will probably be the last news on my sister.I know threw this whole ordeal I have had looked for the best in all of this.I guess I have set my self up for a big down fall.I can’t count how many times people have told me not to look for the best.And know I have been blind sided the whole time.Well late last night the Doctors called me and said I had to come down.And come quickly.I got there pretty quick and the news was that she had bad heart failure.I guess this was not the first time.Some where they just didn’t tell me.But it was deadly this time.She didn’t make it.Now she’s on 100% life support.And the bad thing is I have to tell them when to take her off of it.This is really hard.How can anybody say okay now"s the time. I think it’s the hardest thing I’ll have to do in my life.I have to stop her life.I have called all my family.I hope they will help me do this.Because I know I can’t do this on my own.Everyone on here is my family to so I had to let you know.It’s real hard for me to even type this.To even make myself believe this is real.This is my sister and I love her so much.We are more then just sister’s were best friends.I hope none of you ever have to tell a doctor okay it’s time to stop her life.Thanks for the prayer’s.I will still come on here for our friend ship.You guy’s have helped me a lot and I wish you guys could be here know.Take care your friend Kat

Kat, I am so sorry. My heart is breaking for you. This is a tough time for you and your family, but come together as a family and remember your sister with love and spread it amongst yourselves.

Don’t put yourself down for having hope, that is all you had. You had to stay positive for you and your sister.

Everyone is here for you, whenever you need to talk. My prayers are still with you and I pray God gives you the strength. Sending you love and hugs.

God Bless Kat and Take Care!!!

I am so sorry. That is just terrible. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Definitely in my prayers. Hope I never go through something like that.

Kitty,may God gives you strength and be with you and your dear family to get through this very difficult time,my prayers are for you,you became like a daughter to me.Thinking of you…

I am so sorry to hear about your sister (and your) misfortune. Just know that we are all here for you. She will be in our hearts and prayers for a peaceful trip to the other side.

Once again, I am so sorry.

Kitty Kat,
I am so sorry. This is truly heart breaking. I am glad you were so positive and hopeful all the way along Hope and loving support helps to keep us going. We are all with you dear. i hope you can feel us wrapping you up in our love and support. Our prayers are with you. And loving hugs to you. When ever you are ready, please come back. We will still be here for you.

Kat, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Our thoughts are with you.

So sorry to hear about your sister. You and your family will be in my prayers.

After having reason to be hopeful - now this. I am so sorry Kitty. Truly saddened by your loss.
My thoughts are with you.

Sending you strength and prayers to help you through the impossible.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. If you need anything let us know.

We are all here for you…I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that your family comes together to give you the strength and support you need to get through this difficult time

I’m so sorry, Kitty Kat. So, so sorry. Wishing you strength and comfort through the days ahead.

Hi Kitty Kat, I just found your post and rushed to your profile to see… I am truly sorry that you and your family have to go through this. My heart goes out to you.