What bands do you like

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The National, Crowded House, The Arcade Fire, The Killers – that’s the current top five. And you?

I like I hate Kate, Red Jumpsuit apparatus, Foo Fighters, Gym class Heroes, and linkin park

how old ru?

Old! =) I’m 33. I see you’re 13 and have excellent taste in music. Do you play any instruments? I play guitar.

I used to play the Clarinet but the new director of the band was horrible and I knew I was going to quit by high school so I quit early:)

Cobra Starship, Forever the Sickest Kids, Cute is What We Aim For, Say Anything, Mayday Parade, Metro Station, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Academy Is…, Boys Like Girls, We Are The Fury, anddddd alot more. But i forgot.

Thats Cool

I love British indie bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Little Barrie. I’m a huge fan of Jack White, so the White Stripes and Raconteurs are on my list. REM is one of my all-time favourite bands. Also Tracey Chapman, Wilco, Joseph Arthur and Motown artists the Spinners.

Bad Religion is a holdover from my youth from which I will never let go. Ben Harper, Adrienne Young, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens. Living in a college town is great and Athens, GA still has a great scene. I moved here from Seattle. My band that I was in there is