What Kind of Music do you like ?? Whos Your favorite Band Or Artist?? What is your fAVORITE SONG???What genres or genre of music do you like the most???

Hi B-Man! I may be a 49 year old woman but I think we might like the same music. My favorite band is the Foo Fighters. I love Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, Pearl Jam, and pretty much the alternative genre. My favorite song? Everlong and Times Like These by the Foo Fighters and Wonderful and Plush by STP. I must say I respect you for dealing with type 1 as a teenager. I was diagnosed with type 1 at 43. I did poorly on insulin so I got a transplant 6 years after diagnosis, which was 4 months ago today. How nice it is to lose the disease and the insulin. I feel great. And in fact I went to see the Foo Fighters one week after I left the hospital after my transplant.! I love football too!!!

i wanted to go to a weezer concert in colorado but im to young

I can’t believe you’re too young to get in and see Weezer. I’ve seen them 7 times and they are fab in concert. The only thing I can figure is they have an age limit because there tends to be alot of weed in the crowd at their concerts.I haven’t had any alcohol for a long time because I don’t like getting drunk and I couldn’t drink as a diabetic anyway. That’s something you’ll never miss. I did smoke pot in college and I really liked it but It’s not a good idea after awhile. And I’m sure you can do without that too. What I don’t get is all the other drugs out there now. When I was in school there was weed and that’s it. Now there’s ecstasy and meth. My sister has a 16 year old son but he’s a good kid so I don’t worry about him. Stay away from the alcohol and drugs, OK? The diabetes is enough of a problem. Take care. On your pictures wwith the 3 guys- which one is you? Colleen

You cant go in unless your older than 16.

None of the guys is me it is my favorite band.