What's everyones fav. kind of music?

Mine personally… I’m ALLLLL country:)
Wth a few rock songs added in there.

blues, jazz, progressive metal, folk rock, industrial, classical, ambient … ugh god music, what would i be without it haha glad you posted this!

i understand %100… I’m all about music. I even go back and listen to the underground metal and alternative stuff that I listened to in highschool. It’s kinda like I’m in my own little world when I listen to the particular stuff that I like. It’s nice:)

I listen to everything.

I don’t really have a preference. I’ll attempt to “dance” to all, as long as I’m alone :slight_smile:

you ever grab a hairbrush and act like your the one really singing too? I do:) LoL

Bear in mind that I am middle-aged…

Classic Southern Rock - Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynrd
Mystic Poets: Bob Dylan and Van Morrison
Guitar Heros: Buddy Guy, Clapton, Derek Trucks, Santana
Motown: Al Green, Etta James, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder
Contemporary Folk: John Hiatt, Greg Brown, Charlie McGuire
Country: Patsy Kline, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams

I’m into alternative rock, industrial, psychedelic type stuff. I luuuurve Nine Inch Nails, Of Montreal, the Postal Service, things like that. I also listen to rap, R&B, pop. Everything, really. The only thing I won’t really listen to is country, I can’t stand it and my dad LOVES it and its a problem. There are some exceptions, of course, but for the most part I won’t go near it.

FREE BIRD! :slight_smile: I love Free Bird :slight_smile:

Yes, Free Bird is a fabulous song.

Blues, goes well with diabetes.

Elton John, Phil Collins, Genesis, Maynard Ferguson, Matchbox 20, Dave Matthews Band, REM, HATE COUNTRY…LOL


Ahh. That’s a good question. You could say that my style is eclectic.

Contemporary Christian
Rock (not hard)
Easy Listening
A little bit of opera
(mild) Jazz
Show tunes

See what I mean? I don’t listen to an awful lot of music anymore but these are all in my collection of CDs.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I love all types
Alternative * I LOVE SAVING ABEL!*
Spanish Pop
Spanish Country
Spanish Rock
Some Heavy Metal
Old School ROCK! Aerosmith & Scorpions!!
Techno , Rave, Punk Rock


80s and 90s punk rock and hardcore (Bad Religion, Black Flag, Ignite, Pennywise, Adolescents, Minor Threat, Vandals, etc.), folk music (Greg Graffin, Jolie Holland), lots of 90s alternative and some modern stuff like The Weakerthans, and a whole bunch of different electronic music- Daft Punk, Justice, Aphex Twin, and too many other techno/progressive/house acts to list.

Just depends on the day.

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PUNK, OI, SKA, used to love all that, bit of Jazz, bits of Classical, the good techno stuff (half of which I can’t remember ). hey Oneless, i remember Daft Phunk’s Rollin’ and Scratchin’, like some of the stuff on the radio, liked the Ting Ting’s, I could go on forever…

I saw Daft Punk in 2007 when they came to LA for the first time in 9 years…it was the most incredible show I think I’ve ever seen. Rollin’ and Scratchin’ is awesome, I still throw that on in the gym sometimes.

Rock, pop rock, some classical,
I can listen and like Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen, The Cure, Lou Reed, Simple Minds, some U2, the Stranglers, Patti Smith, Peter Gabriel, Elliott Murphy. And every day I have lots of shots of David Bowie but I’m sure everybody knows how much I love his music… but that’s another story.

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I like everything too.
Nobody mentioned the Beatles. There’s a lot of music out there that Lennon and McCartney wrote. I’ve heard it played by orchestras and country artists.

I like everything too but if I had to pick it would be some old school reggae (yabby you, augustus pablo, don carlos …) Also like hip-hop and good progressive house (go to winter music conference all the time) Oneless - saw Daft Punk too! and Ferry Corsten, Sander K, and Infected Mushroom. I will take up the whole page with all the genres I like (but I cant seem to name or remember any of that death metal stuff smh)

Jazz: Ella, Coltrane, Sarah Vaughan, Fathead Newman, Thelonious, Oscar Peterson, Satchmo
70s Pop: Billy Joel, Meat Loaf
Beethoven and Mozart