Bar "Romance." Help! Bars on the go...The Best and Worst? What are your experiences?

Hello! I need help with a “romance”… my meal replacement bar romance…(is that a Barmance?)

I often find myself stuck in love and admiration…oddly enough in the “breakfast, energy, meal” whatever kind of bar aisle in the grocery store. Reading and thrice reading those beautifully packaged, chocolate filled delicious bar labels…secretly hoping that the carb count will have magically crumbled after 20 minutes of longing.

My best friend has found one that works for him, and has had the same 16g chocolate chip bar each morning for nearly a decade (I kid you not!!) Blood sugars do not budge.

I have never been able to establish a consistent love affair with any given bar…maybe like a cruel dating game? Never quite sure of the outcome…

And yes, I know I could be content with bacon and eggs, but some days, I just want to tear open something crinkly…

I came across this article and wondered if any of you have developed a “go to” dependable and trusting relationship with a bar, a “Barmance”?! Camping season is coming up and I would love to not fight with my breakfast and scare nature with my spiked filled cries…

Please fill my heart with possibilities!

Cynthia, have you tried one of these “bars” outside of breakfast time, and if so, did it still wreak havoc with your BG? I could be way off base with this line of reasoning in your case, but (if you only eat 'em for breakfast) maybe what you’re dealing with is not a “bar high” but a stubborn breakfast high. Breakfast is a stubborn MF with which to deal for my daughter and almost every other PWD we know. I know one parent who has successfully tamed the breakfast beast by Super Bolusing her daughter (which I believe can only be performed by those who pump). My understanding of how to Super Bolus is this: you add up the insulin needed to cover your breakfast carbs to the amount of basal insulin you would normally be taking over the next, say 2 to 3 hours, and pre-bolus with that amount up-front, then suspend your basal delivery for the corresponding amount of time. I hope my explanation makes sense…

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Thank you @rgcainmd for your “sweet” thoughts! I try them often and at different times as you mentioned. I think in my dream world, i just keep hoping I will sit down one day for a bar and coffee and I will maintain a lovely flat line. At least I keep dreaming after 20 years of trying!

I think my post came from last evening at the grocery store…when I realized I had been looking at the bars for upwards of 20 minutes! I try to eat LCHF so that is my problem! It’s hard to do with bars unless you make them yourself! Sometimes i just want to run in and grab a snack in like 30 seconds!!! I am just dreaming. I think it came out through my keyboard!

And maybe I was hoping there would be a person who jumped in and said “try these!” 1 carb and taste like a brownie!! Lol!

These are the closest thing I have found…Low Carb Bars

Thank you again so much! You made my morning!

I’ve had some luck with the Quest brand bars. Most are around 21g carb, 14g fiber, 9g of mostly unsaturated fat, and very little sugar as they’re sweetened with a mixture of erythritol, stevia and sucralose.

The only down side is they have a soft, squishy texture that some people have equated to modeling clay. They can also be fairly expensive. My store usually sells them 2 bars for $5. You can get them cheaper by ordering bulk-sized boxes through Amazon, GNC, etc… but then you’ve got 24 of the same flavor. Some flavors are definitely better than others. I’m a particular fan of the “Cookies and Cream” flavor.

Quest does have a 12-bar variety pack that I hadn’t seen before on their website.

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Lol I thought you wanted to discuss a different kind of bar romance


Its all in the title!! Lol!

@BeastOfGevaudan I love these bars!

They spike me like crazy! I cry softly every. time. Ugh! I sometimes simply crave the cookie dough ones! I think part of my issue with bars is that I am really sensitive blood sugar wise to whey. Makes it tough for any of these protein miracle foods! Quests are one of the bars I most wish I could have a blossoming relationship with!

Thank you so much! I am able to much on one all day long without too much digit chaos! lol!

Wow. That’s a bummer :frowning:

That really does just go to show you how much difference there can be between two people with diabetes though. I’m an insulin-using T2, and because it’s mostly protein and fiber, I get a fairly small rise. I can’t dose for the “4 net carbs” but I don’t have to dose for ALL the carbs, either.

Yeah, until I read the actual post, I interpreted the headline the same way . . . :open_mouth:

Anyway, Cynthia, I’m like you. It doesn’t take ANYTHING to spike me. Consequently, being an essentially weak person, I never, ever go down that aisle. I’m not being facetious here. :wink:


When I need romance, and I’m the go-- I’ll often look in bars. Sometimes with success, sometimes not. I generally prefer more quiet bars as opposed to loud obnoxious bars. My experiences vary widely.

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That is good advice–bar none.

P.S. I don’t go down the cereal aisle, either. I have zero self control around cereals. And I’m not talking about the sugary ones, either. Just basic things like shredded wheat, which I love but my meter hates.

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Totally! :scream_cat:

I looked wistfully at all the brands of granola today while shopping with my non-D husband… :worried:

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@rgcainmd @CatLady06 you just made my “MF” day!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Laughing over here!! I want to punch breakfast in the face most days! :facepunch:

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My favorite is NV Protein - PB and Dark Chocolate. If I pre-bolus about 15 min, and try to eat it s-l-o-w-l-y, then I can flat-line on cgms. But often I’m on the go, or can’t resist since it tastes so good (and salty), that I gobble it up. But even then, usually max out around 150 then come back down.
Carbs: 14 (fiber 5, sugars 6 ), Protein: 10, Fat: 12 (Sat 3.5).

I’ve tried many others, but keep coming back.

Not a meal replacement , but i love the Kashi Honey Almond. It is so good.

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I use bars a lot during runs in place of a banana. It is easier for me to eat and is not heavy on the stomach. So yes it tastes great and prevents me going to low. i have found that I can go a lot longer on a bar than most other things. So if you into running or hike’s it is a sure thing to take along.

I just got a recipe in my inbox this morning, courtesy of the Washington Post food section for these 21 gram Breakfast bars - also they are vegan & gluten free

they look pretty good!


BTW, I find I can eat the lower carb Kind bars (16 grams) as a snack without much affect on my BG. But if I am going hiking I eat granola bars or Clif Mojo bars to keep my BG where it needs to be.


I have been eating rx bars and that’s it fruit bars, no preservatives, no grains and very few ingredients, they’re delicious. I get the coconut chocolate which is more like white chocolate. I get mine at WF where they don’t have all the other flavors… I think I will try some of the non chocolate flavors.