Protein bars/energy bars/etc

I wanted your opinion of the “bars” I eat for lunch with peanut butter on it. I get the ones with the less ingredients and high protein. I called them protein/energy, but not the ones with high sugar and high carb. I’m type 2 for 10 yrs. I took my sugar one time at 1 hour after eating and 2 hours after…did not make it go up. Opinion?

I love protein bars. I think if you are having success with them not making your blood sugar go up after eating them, and you enjoy it, it can be a good alternative when you need something quick or on the go to eat or tide you over.

I keep a box at my desk for when I want something kind of sweet. I don’t notice any real jump in my numbers either as long as I stick to the “protein” type bar with around 15 carbs. They are more of a snack than lunch for me though!

I think there are a good variety of bars out there that have a good serving of protein and are pretty low carb. But many are pretty high carb, like Clif bars can be like 45 g of carbs, and even the reduced sugar Clif Luna bar has 25g of carbs. That being said there are a number of reasonable options like the Kind bars with 15 g carbs or Nature Valley nut bars which are like 15-20 g carbs. I find that my blood sugar rises with any of these and I would have to inject insulin for them, but for someone with T2 that still has some insulin production they might find that one of these lower carb bars works out great because the mix of carbs and protein results in a slowed digestion (essentially lower glycemic index) and your body can respond much better to the milder carb load.

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Kind bars are awesome! There are quite a few ~15G of carbs, ~10G of protein that are tasty too.


Thank you so much for your responses.

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