Basaglar Insulin

Hi there,
I’m trying to figure out if I’m really using the right dose of my long acting insulin (basaglar)
And I really do understand there are many factors that determines each individual’s dosage but I just wanted to get a general feedback on typically the average dose/range used by most people. Would appreciate if anyone could respond, thanks

Hi Kimmi

I’m going to provide some context to my dosage amount because my monthly cycle heavily impacts my basal needs.

I take a dose at 9 am and another dose at 4 pm. Lantus/Basaglar (recently switched from Lantus to Basaglar and not seeing any difference) peaks for me around 5-8 hours after I take it. I time my doses so that the peaks align with when I tend to need more insulin. I usually have light breakfasts, so this schedule works for me but may not work for someone else who has high basal insulin needs in the morning.

My basal dose changes with my monthly cycle. I generally take 12 units in each dose at the highest point of my cycle (for me this is just before I start my period). I have an abrupt drop in basal needs toward the end of my period (this was more gradual on birth control) in which I drop my dose to 9-10 units per dose. My basal needs slowly increase from there until I hit 12 units again.

I use a cgm to monitor my nightly patterns. These patterns as well as noticing my insulin sensitivity or resistance throughout the day drives my dosage changes.

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Hi there, thanks for all the background too :slight_smile: so in total you take 18 - 20 units per day then right? (On your normal days). my cycle doesn’t usually affect my glucose levels and I’m currently taking 20units per day, but my feeling is that it’s too much and I could go lower, but it’s great to see from one person at least that I am somewhat in the right range. Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

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I have not used it for a while, but when I did use it (it was actually Lantus, but basically the same thing), I got about 20 hours of duration.

20 hours is a lousy duration for a 24 hour day! So I found that splitting the dose into morning and night injections worked better.

I took more at night because I need more basal at night.

You might want to consider splitting it. And also, take a lot of BG checks and take your time to get it dialed in.

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For about a week, then I increase as indicated by my bg trends until I hit 12 units/dose.

It really just depends on your numbers. Are you dropping low at the same time everyday? How’re your numbers a couple hours before and around the time of your Basaglar shot? If you’re running high at that time but low at other times, then splitting your dose as Eric mentioned could help.

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