Basal IQ kicks in at meal times

Not sure whether anyone is having the same issue as me. When my BG before a meal bolus is nicely sitting around 4-5.4 mmol (72mg-97mg), I’m bound to get the basal IQ kicking in when during my prebolus period (20 mins) or shortly after I start eating. I don’t want my insulin to be suspended at this time since I have either started eating or close to eating. Even when I resume insulin, after 5 mins it will kick in again… and this happens again…

The only way I can see working around this is to turn of basal IQ during meal times and remembering to turn it back on.

I am thinking 4-5.4 mmol (72mg-97mg) is a good range to be in before mealtime. Am i waiting too long in my prebolus window?

This happens to me too. Depending on scenario, I will add an extended bolus to approximate basal missed during zero basal invoked by CIQ. Can cancel it if bg starts heading too low.
But some times I get quick rise immediately after 10 minutes, and do a quick .5 bolus, to slow the rise.

Do you use T:Connect App on phone? It gives a better view, showing basal, zero basal, bolus, BG, cgm trend.
Scrolling down shows more details.

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Not available in Australia unfortunately.

Can I clarify one thing, should I be eating before my BG on my sensor reading starts to drop or wait until it drops first?

I also see on my CGM that my BG starts dropping pretty much 20 minutes from the time I bolus - its pretty spot on.

Given the CGM reading is 15 mins behind the “true” sugar reading, does this mean in real life my sugar actually starts to drop 5 minutes after I bolus - which is then picked up by the sensor 15 mins later (hence 20 minutes in total)? I didn’t think novorapid is that quick to work after 5 mins. :thinking:

Yeah, that’s a good question. That used to happen to me on Loop. I think that enough people complained about that problem that they wrote a pre-bolus routine for the pump.

You ever extended bolus tedos? I don’t think that we could do that on Loop, but I can’t recall.

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I do sometimes do.

But the thing is, during this whole thing, I’m not in a hypo state. I could be at 4.5mmol (81mg) and basal IQ will kick in because it thinks I’m going to go low in the next 30 min. At that point I may have just started eating and if basal IQ suspends my insulin, I’ll probably go high after the meal.

Also to add to this. When I’m on extended bolus and basal IQ kicks in, the extended bolus is cancelled altogether such that even when basal IQ ends, it won’t resume with the extended bolus amount. I keep missing out on these dosage because of basal IQ activating :roll_eyes:

I understand. This became an issue for me with Loop. So, as my system gradually fell out of configuration, I just have to “turn off IQ” and run open loop.

Has it ever worked for meals? Does it just need re-configuration? Start bumping up those meal dosages? I say “just needs reconfiguration,” but I know that is a tremendous amount of work.

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In my limited experience with CGMS, I’m finding basal iq kicking in more often than not if my starting BG is 5mmol (90mg) or under which is annoying because that’s where I want my BG to be - it’s basically in my target range. I keep resuming insulin when it happens but I wonder if I leave it alone and just let it kick in whether it will actually be material enough to make a difference in my blood sugar afterwards. I’m just surprised not many people have responded with the same issue so maybe it’s a non problem.

What do you mean when you say reconfiguration? And bumping up those meal dosages?

I have the same problem with prebolusing. CIQ kicks in and pretty much nullifies the advance bolus. I have questioned this repeatedly but have never received an answer nor a reasonable routine to follow. This was also the case with BIQ that you now have in Australia.

Something else that I have questioned is the IOB which is useless as a guide to correction dosages because it reflects the continual adding and subtracting of basal that the pump algorithm is constantly activating.

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Well, in Loop. we set our I:C ratio and stuff - that’s what I mean by configuration. So, if you increase the insulin delivered per carb count, that has to help, right? If your worried about going low, post - meal, you could turn it back on 3 hours after eating. That should soften the blow. I’d just turn off the basalIQ.

I’m pretty certain that you will have to turn off basalIQ in order to verify that your settings are correct. You might need to do this for a 2 week period, right?

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Ah okay, we don’t have it so couldn’t relate when you mentioned it.

Not really, DE told me to leave on. You can deduce that the insulin is too much when it’s on so leaving it on isn’t a problem… provided the cgms reading has been validated with the meter readings first and is accurate.

I have not observed that with CIQ.
Can you do a temp basal with BIQ on? With CIQ on, temp basal not allowed, so that is why I do extended bolus to act similar.

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I think you can, that could work. But honestly, if I was to fiddle with my pump to set a temp basal every time I have a meal , I may as well go in to turn off basal iq :sweat_smile:. Just need to remember to turn back on.

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I’m on the fence about this basalIQ-thing. How long have you guys been using it, now?

10 days😅. I find it helpful overnight - it’s steered me away from hypos happening while I’m sleeping. During the day a bit annoying since I have to keep overriding it.

Maybe I’ll just turn it on at night and leave it off during the day