Basal or Bolus

After fighting the highs of pump start, we found a great, great last 3-4weeks of nothing over 180! I am amazed that could ever happen! Of course, it isnt lasting. So, now we are fighting the lows. All happening after meals, none at night. SO, I adjusted the breakfast ratio first, still lows. Still lunchtime lows. Dinner lows. Summertime. I think it is so much easier to work the carb ratio than the basal. Was wondering if any one else had success in trying to manipulate the ratio first since the basal WAS working so perfectly. ???

I usually find that basals are the culprits of most consistent highs and lows. I have better results when I play with basals rather than the carb ratio.

Riley’s carb ratio might change twice a year. But, his basals change more like a couple of times a month. In the beginning of starting on the pump I was adjusting basals just about every week.

I’m sorry. I know it’s so frustrating. I wish I had a magical answer that would fix the problem.

As soon as you think you’ve nailed it, things always change. That’s the nature of kids with diabetes isn’t it?
My daughter was dx’d at age 7 - she’s now almost 17. She was on a pump for 8 years.
It sounds like it is the basal you need to work with. Summer activity could have a lot to do with it. Also, it could be a growth issue - maybe she’s not growing right now so her insulin resistance is really low.
I can’t tell how old your adorable daughter is, but just a head’s up: puberty is a REAL challenge.
Good luck,