Hi, I'm new here!


I know I joined this site a while ago but I have only really had time to write a proper hello to you all :slight_smile:

I have been a type 1 Diabetic for 8 years now and have recently started pumping, however it is still up and down and I seem to be experiencing more hypos than I did before hand (especially at work). I do have an energetic job as I work with 2 - 4 year olds, but I am struggling with my morning blood sugar levels and find they drop an hour after breakfast and I struggle to get them back to normal even after I do a temp basal rate hmph.

But that’s enough about me, it would be lovely to hear some of your stories especially if you are pumpers.

Shell x

Howdy! Yep you got a pumper here. I’ve been pumping now for 24 years (yes 24!) I got Type 1 at 10 back in 73 (BOY has things changes since then) Got a 21 & 23 year old daughter and 3 of the cutiest g-kids you will ever see. You can read more about me over on my page.

Shell, I’d lower that basal rate from 1/2 hour prior to exercising with 2-4 year olds through to the end of that period - and maybe longer since exercise effects can last a few hours. I agree with Kenx that you need less insulin per carb gram at breakfast, too. Stay out of hypoland. Those two to 4 year olds might get hooked on glucose tabs. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you!

I agree that keeping up with 2-4 year olds can be hazardous! It may be less work and easier to remember to set the “temp basal” as your “regular basal” since I’d presume you are doing that 5 days/ week, and then you can set the “temp basal” to 120% (or whatever…) on the weekend when you don’t have kids around and can move at a more measured pace? Or, if you have your own kids, at least the “balance of power” would be slightly more favorable?

Hey Shell!.. My name is Rye…

I am not a pumper but I am a T1 and I have had your problem with the drops in the morning. Your not eating enough carbs for the amount of insulin and activity your doing daily. You should think about adding some more carbs to your breakfast. I am like you a newbie to diabetes compared to many people hear who has had it for decades, I have only had it for 5 years…Well glad you said hey, looking forward to getting to know you!


Welcome! You can try to adjust your AM insulin to carb ratios on days that you work? Or adjust your basal rate before you go low. It might be a combo of factors that is making your BG crash while at work.

I found that I got a lot of hypos when I first got on the pump as well. I think that your body might absorb the insulin better with a pump? I also think that when I was on MDI some insulin would leak out of the site no matter how long I would wait when I took the needle out. Now I am also paying attention to things like scar tissue, where before I would try to avoid certain areas, but would always go to the same ones that typically hurt less.

How long have you been on a pump and which do you use? I just started 4/12/2011 on an Animas Ping. I really like it so far and have had more stable blood sugars (especially after the first week of hypos where I was terrified I was going to die in my sleep). I’m finding that I really don’t notice it as much as I thought I would throughout the day, and neither do others, it seems.

Good luck!